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Trendy Ways to Wear colored jeggings for women in 2015

Colored jeggings for women in 2015 can be used to make the right fashion statement depending on how you choose to wear them. We have seen women making some fashion blunders when it comes to pairing up colored jeggings and that’s why we are here to set things straight. We’ll tell you if you are wearing it all wrong and how to improve the look.

Most jeggings can’t be worn like ordinary pants

First thing you need to understand is that jeggings are very different from pants. For one, you can’t afford to wear loose jeggings. They just need to fit like tights. Secondly, they need to have the right structure so that they bring out your curves in a nice and flattering manner. Just remember, jeggings are not just denims but a combination of both.

Some jeggings are like pants

However, as confusing as this might be, some jeggings actually look like actual pants. They have the pockets and high waist like most pants ladies wear and you can pair them up with a nice blouse that sits below the waist. If you really want to have a properly defined silhouette, then pairing your jeggings with some tank top can work for you especially if you’re small on the upper body.

Choosing the colors and patterns

Always consider your body shape when choosing what color and pattern to wear. Go spot a neutral colored jegging if you are heavier on the bottom because it will create a good balance and put less attention on the lower body. However, bolder colors and heavy patterns on jeggings are recommended for those who have a smaller lower body because they tend to look busy.

Find the right footwear

Nothing completes your look more than the perfect pair of shoes. When looking for shoes, you have so many varieties because jeggings can look good when worn with heels, flats and also boots. Jeggings particularly look amazing with thigh high boots. You can find flannels shirts cheap online to pair up your look at a fraction of the price.

Don’t follow every fashion trend

Some fashion trends may not work well for your taste of even body shape. It’s best to have a unique style of your own which you can complement with the trendy designs once in a while rather than following the trends blindly. Like in any look, consider your comfort and personal style when choosing how to wear your jeggings and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Know how to accessories

Pairing your jeggings with just the right amount of accessories can bring out the best in you. When looking for ways to accessorize, try not to go overboard. Look for a simple top with a bold color and minimal patterns if you intend to wear a necklace and bracelets to avoid making the top look too busy. Thigh high boots are already a remarkable fashion statement so if you pair your jeggings with this kind of footwear, no need to wear more accessories.

Consider the weather

Jeggings can be worn in every season. You just need to know what works when. For instance, if wearing your colored jeggings in the cold winter months, pairing them with some fancy boots and a scarf can look pretty neat. If you wear a figure hugging pair of jeggings, balance it out with a loose shirt.

There are even jeggings for plus size women which can be worn with tunics or flowy tops that go slightly above the knees. All you got to do is to know what works for your body shape and stick to that to make a nice fashion statement.