Basic information about Bartenders

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Duties of a Bartender

Bartenders' duties include:

  • Cleaning the bar
  • Mixing and serving drinks
  • Operating the register and accepting money from paying customers
  • Check ID's
  • Welcoming customers
  • Take orders from the customers

Income/Jobs Available

Average income for a bartender is about $18,000 a year or $9 an hour (depending on the type of bar you are employed at). The numbers of jobs available are about 500,000.


About 43% of bartenders work in restaurants and other drinking establishments, 29% work in just drinking establishments such as bars and clubs.

During busy hours, bartenders are under a lot of pressure to serve drinks quickly and efficiently to satisfy customers and also tend to stay very late on weekends and holidays.

Requirements to become a Bartender:

  • Education: Less than high school, no formal education
  • Training: Short-term or On-the-job training
  • Experience: None or as a beginner
  • Age: Some states require that bartender be at least 18, but most are 25 or older
  • Optional: Bartender are preferred to have communication, customer service, decision-making, interpersonal, and physical stamina skills
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