ATC Schoology Intro

Setting up your classes, and links to printable handouts.

Unifying Your Courses

1. Choose one of the sections of your course that is already created in Schoology.

Many of you have two sections for each course, one for SCHS and one for MLCHS. Choose one of those sections to use with students.

2. Change the picture for that course.

Because the course names are controlled by IC, the easiest way to identify which sections you are using is to change their pictures. Check out this how-to video for help with this.

3. Check the members list for your course.

Some of your students are already added. You can see their names by checking here.

4. Add the rest of your students to the course using the Access Code.

Check out the video below for an overview of this process. You can see which students have done this correctly, because they will start showing up in your Members list.

(NOTE: Students from Eminence or Spencer County will need to create a Schoology account before they can join the course.)

Add Course Members using Access Code

5. Rearrange your Course menu.

Watch this final video (below) for how to rearrange your Courses in the menu. This will let you move the sections you are really using to the top of the list!
Rearranging Courses in Schoology

More Schoology Resources:

Overwhelmed? I can help you!

I can come do some one-on-one coaching with you! We can work on setting up your courses, creating some lessons, or I can help instruct your students in the ways of Schoology. Just let me know how I can support you!