A Little Bit Scary

By, Phoebe Martel

You may think that my monster, The Crab of Many Claws, is a little bit scary but...

He likes to help his friends by getting many things at once for them, because he has lots of claws.

If someone is stuck on the roof, he will crawl up the side and rescue them.

The Crab of Many Claws loves to have parties and entertain his friends and family.

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Good Deeds

The crab of many claws once rescued a baby sand crab from a tower with his Long Claw.

My monster's Branch Claw has a large jug of water attached to it, and once he gave a traveler who was in the desert his water until the traveler got back home.

The crab of many claws has a Palm Tree Claw, and once his grandpa almost got blinded by the sun, and so the Crab let his grandpa sit under his claw for shade.


The crab of many claws has a very large crustacean family. His grandparents are lobsters, and they take care and live with the Crab and his siblings and cousins. His older sister is a blue crab, Bluebell, but she doesn't have as many claws. His brother is a red crab, Tom. His cousins are a very small boy and girl sand crabs, (Sandy and Seashell) and a little boy shrimp (Shrimpy) and three young lobsters (Coral, Red, and Ocean) The Crab also has a pet beagle, Cliff.


The Crab of Many Claws enjoys collecting things like rare seashells and leaves.

He loves to travel and has been to Paris, London, Madrid, India, Bejjing Japan and New Zealand.

He loves to read and draw. He was in a drawing contest. He drew the ocean, and he won first prize!

The crab of many claws also lies playing games like Uno and Monopoly. He likes to play them with his family and friends.