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Why Am I Talking About Oils So Often?

I have been on a health journey that started long before I knew about oils. It started with a rash that wouldn't go away. I sat down years after this rash started and began learning about whole foods and how food affects our body. I was able to use food to get rid of the rash. It still wasn't enough I began seeing a chiropractor often for pain management and struggling with weight. Fast forward to one year and half ago when I began my oil journey. I began taking a good vitamin that I can actually feel when I take it. In addition, I began supporting my body's systems using oils. Since this I have been able to stop taking anti-inflammatory over the counter medicine and I have reduced my chiropractic visits. This year I added a new health goal to my list. I have spent most of this year working hard towards a weight loss goal. While on this new plan for weight loss I have continued using my oils to support my body as it changes. I am not done but I am definitely on my way. I am starting to feel great and get my life back.
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My top 3 products.

  1. I start everyday with a good multivitamin that has a whole foods vitamin, a cellular complex, and a quality fish oil.
  2. After a good workout or lots of walking I rub down with a soothing blend of oils made to help relax muscles.
  3. My third product is a good protective blend of oils to help support my immune system.

Events coming up!

Wellness with Essential Oils

Saturday, Oct. 10th, 2pm

Kernersville Library

Come learn with us. There will be giveaways and chances to smell and see oils while learning. Contact me for more directions or to RSVP.

Make and Take oils for kids!

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 6:30pm

Contact me for location

This class is all about kids! Please join me to make and take oil blend that are just the right amount for kids. Kids go to school and play sports and have unique needs. Now that fall and winter are upon us my hope is to help you support their bodies with oils this season. There will be several rollers available to make and take for different needs. Each roller will be $5 for a 10 ml roller. Some of the things available will be Healthy Ears, Healthy Noses, Growing Up, Sleepy time, Schoolwork helper, Cool Kid, Happy Tummy, Soothe,Happiness, and Healthy Kid. You can take one or all 10 home. This is a great way to experience oils in your home. Contact me for location and to rsvp.

I am looking for you!

I am looking for people to host classes or those who would rather have a private one on one. If there is something you are working on that you think I could help you with I would love to help you learn more about oils and the support they can offer you. Please let me know if you would like to get together for coffee and talk or if you would be willing to host a class at a location you choose with friends you know and love. I have a list of different classes if that would be helpful.