2015 Year in Review

Peyton E.

Best Product of 2015

Ivory Ella was the best marketed product of 2015, because it was all over social media and many people and my friends have purchased something from them. Also they use famous people to market their product and put it on all different types of social media especially twitter which is widely used around the world.


2nd Best of 2015

Urban Decay eye shadow palettes have always been a big thing. In 2015 the Smokey Eye version came out and many people purchased it and are still purchasing it, including myself. Their marketing strategies include commercials and billboards to show off they product.

Worst of 2015

Hover boards are one of the worst products of 2015. They are because they have burned down many houses and they are an excuse for people to stop excising and doing easy things like walking by themselves.

2nd Worst Product of 2105

Google Glass was another awful product of 2015. It was a product of google that had many manufacturing errors and didn't receive much profit at all.


Top 2 Movies of 2105

Star Wars was one of the best movies of 2015. Many people i know went to see the movie. A way the advertised was billboards, you tube, and commercials.

Jurassic World was also one of the best movies of 2015. It also got a lot of views and marketed itself the same ways as star Wars.

Top 2 Musical Artists of 2015

Justin Bieber came out with his new album purpose in 2015 and was on the top charts and many people love it. He marketed his songs by releasing one song at a time to get people excited for the whole album. Also he marketed it on his social media accounts.

Drake came out with a lot of new songs in 2015 and got a lot of attention form many people. He marketed on different types of music apps such as Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes.

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Improvements for myself in 2015

  1. Focus on keeping my hair healthy
  2. Spend more time with my family
  3. Work on my time management