Jane Leopardo

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A watch of a lifetime.

All you need to know about Invisifly!

Our product, as you can tell, is called Invisifly. Invisifly is a watch that has a button to turn invisible, and another button to fly. Many people want these to have fun. But you can also use these to fly places- Avoiding traffic down on the road, You'll get anywhere faster! You can get different watches with speeds ranging from 10 mph - 85 mph!! Best Buy is the ONLY place you can go to buy one. To ORDER one, you can go to

About Invisifly

Invisifly is run by me, Samuel Slater, Robert Fulton, Henry Clay, James Monroe, and Samuel F.B Morse.150 people work at Invisifly. It is a one shift company, everyone works from 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM. We have many different warehouses, more than one in every U.S state EXCEPT for Hawaii and Maryland. Invisifly is a company based out of Chicago, Illinois. And, funny thing. We have both Nationalists and Sectionalists in our company, but they all get along.

History Of Invisifly

Invisifly was put together in February of 2016. The company was put together because I've always wanted to fly, and I know other people that have wanted to be invisible as well, so what if people wanted to fly AND be invisible? So I built a watch that took 4 years to build, and it finally all came together!


Invisifly has a wide range of cost, depending on how fast you want to go. All watches are able to go up to 13,000 feet. If you want to go 10-20 mph, it is 400 dollars. 21-40 mph is 700 dollars, 41-60 mph is 1,000 dollars, and 61-80 mph is 1,300 dollars. There are deals going on, buy one 41-60 mph watch, get a 10-20 mph free! Unfortunately, you can not buy Invisifly in bulk.


Invisifly is definitely the best because it is quality flying. Smooth sailing, never rocky. And you turn invisible SO fast. It never glitches! Only 5 people have returned there product, and you get your money back- guaranteed! Even Justin Timberlake uses this product!

National pride

Invisifly will help the country by making transportation easier, flying is SO much faster than walking or driving. And, it's more fun!


If your product does not satisfy you, send it back and you will get your money back. If your product breaks, we will fix it with an Interchangeable part!