Derrinallum P-12 College News

Weekly newsletter number 30

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Principal's News

Positive Feedback

I would like to share with you some of the indicators that our College is continuing to improve through the investment of more time on our core business of teaching and learning.

In week 6 we had 20 families attend our Secondary Pathways Information Evening and in week 8 we had a record 34 families participate in Parent Teacher Interviews. The Recent NAPLAN results are further evidence of the valuable work that students, parents and teachers are doing by working together to provide a high quality education for the students at our school. I sincerely thank all of the parents who support their children and the College through their participation in these important activities. This week’s Music Concert Night was very successful and an enjoyable event with all of the students who participated being rewarded with a terrific experience.

More Good News

I’ve written before about the advantages of being a small rural school and the opportunities that it affords us.

Last year we were notified that we had been offered 6 positions for Year 9 students to attend the School for Student Leadership Camp to be held at the Snowy River Campus, in Term 4 this year. Rhiannon Glyn Jones will take up the opportunity to participate and we look forward to hearing about her experiences upon her return in late Term 4.

This week we were informed about another fantastic opportunity for one of our secondary students, Brianna Poole. To find out more read the article in this week’s newsletter.

Positions Filled

You may remember in last week’s newsletter, we were seeking the lawn mowing services of 2 sheep to keep the grass under control near the hothouse. This week I am happy to announce that the Britton family will kindly lend us their 2 alpacas, Mr Bojangles and Mr Wobbles for Term 4. I look forward to meeting our two newest staff members.

Thank You

Many thanks, to Lorraine Uren for the kind donation of an upright piano for the students to use. Miss Pocknall and Mr Ellington are both quite excited about the prospect of having the piano for students to play. Thank you also to the removalists Keith, Kamahl, Dave and Dru for helping Trevor and I to transport the piano to the College.

In the Veggi Garden with VCAL

In the Vegetable Patch

This week in the veggie garden we have decided to make our scarecrow for the veggie garden to see if it will stop the birds getting into our veggies, but currently he is he only half the scarecrow that he will become. The apples, the plum and apricot trees are now flowering. The tomatoes, beans and peas in the hothouse are all doing extremely well. We have also noticed the bugs are getting into the cabbages so we will have to come up with something to protect them and to make them healthy. Next term we hope to plant mint and basil as well as planting some summer fruit and veggies such as rock melon, water melon, zucchini and squash. We also hope to be harvesting our first crop of bean and peas. - Ben Nash.

Werribee Zoo

Excursion to Werribee Open Range Zoo

  • We smelt poo at the zoo.
  • There were giraffes at Werribee zoo. The giraffes were fighting at Werribee zoo.
  • The monkey looked back at us.
  • Meerkats are cute; they played and danced with each other.
  • We were Habitat detectives looking for clues and poos at the zoo. We felt rough spikes and a hard tail on the bearded-dragon. We felt soft, fluffy fur on the ring-tailed possum. The green tree frog was gooey, slimy and soft.
  • It was a great day at Werribee Zoo.

Warrnambool Interschool Equestrian Championships

On the 14th of September Eve, Brianna and Ebony competed in Warrnambool at the Warrnambool Interschool Equestrian Championships. The event consisted of three phases including dressage, show jumping and cross-country. Ebony placed 2nd in her dressage, Brianna placed 3rd in her class and Eve placed 4th in her dressage. After a few time penalties Ebony placed 3rd overall in her class and Eve did a great job coming 10th in her class. Unfortunately Brianna’s horse was unable to complete their last phase. Overall all three girls enjoyed their day and we are very excited to have Eve represent her school with us. Eve worked very hard to get herself and her horse ready for an interschool competition. We are all very proud of Eve. Well done.