Thursday, May 14th

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Today's Trivia

What poem is believed to be based on Mary Sawyer’s boarding school experience in Massachusetts around 1815?

Children's Art Contest

For kids of all ages. Do you like art? Drawing, painting, coloring, sculpting or chalk drawings? Whatever type of art inspires you, we want to see it! Since we have all been staying safe at home, Ms. Cathy has a challenge for everyone! Create a piece of art that shows us what inspires you! Have an adult take a photo and post it to the library's Facebook wall or tag us on Instagram, @RiverValleyLibrary. One lucky winner will receive a $20 Hobby Lobby gift card! The winner will be announced on Monday, June 8th. Best of luck to all of our creative geniuses out there!

The Friends of the Library would like to thank you for supporting their Plant Sale this year! They were able to raise $800 to help support the Library!

Staff Highlight- Nikki

Nikki is our Technical Services Manager & Media Specialist. This means she is responsible for getting all of our materials circulation-ready and is the reason we have such a great Facebook page!

She just finished reading "The Prized Girl" by Amy K. Green (was her debut novel, a murder mystery thriller with lots of twists and likely suspects) and Monstress Vol. 4 by Marjorie Liu & Sana Takeda (part of a graphic novel series about a young girl with mysterious origins and an incredible power living within her.)

She has one 13-year-old, fat tiger cat named Romeo (Freddy Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, had a cat named Romeo so that combined with the literary association got him his name)

She doesn't have a favorite food, but she's a verified chai tea addict. She was a barista and bookseller at Barnes & Noble for 7 years so she blames all of her time in the bookstore for her severe tea addiction :)

She is most excited to be able to travel and watch live performances after the pandemic is over. She misses traveling and can't wait to attend a concert or play.

She's not from the Port Byron area, but she is from Northwest Illinois originally, She was born in the Rockford/Byron area and lived there during her early years. She then moved to the Morrison IL. area and lived both there and in Fulton IL. for all of her school years.

Nikki is the library guru for music and movies, too!

Thanks, Nikki, for all your hard work!

We miss seeing our "Lady in the Box" every day!

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Read like Nikki on Hoopla

Check out the "Monstress" Series available on Hoopla

What do you love most about your job?

Nikki says, "The library itself, the patrons and the books/other materials that I get to work with and help put into the hands of all of the people who are so eager for the knowledge they contain. I have been a book person my whole life and have worked customer service since the day I turned 16, the library is a natural fit for myself and my skill set."

Don't Miss Bingo Night With Linnea Tomorrow!

For all ages. Click into Zoom for a Virtual Bingo night with Ms. Linnea! Each person will need a piece of scratch paper that they can make into a 5x5 bingo card, 5 squares up/down and 5 squares across, as well as something to use for bingo markers and a writing utensil. There is no cost to attend or participate. Click on the button below at 7pm on Friday, May 15th to join in on the fun.
Bingo: The Boredom Cure

Bingo begins at 7 pm on Friday, May 15th

Trivia Answer

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Thanks for your continued support! -RVDL Staff