Hernando Cortes Exibit

By: Gabriela Reyes

First off, who is Hernando Cortes?

Hernando was a famous Spanish explore that helped colonize the new world or present day The America's. Hernando left Spain to concur new land for new sources of wealth in 1514.ater defeated the Aztec empire and claimed Mexico for Spain. Present day Mexico was actually at first named "new Spain" how original, right? Cortes later helped in the expedition of Cuba and used a genius strategy and fought the native peoples with other natives from different country's. Hernando later became the governor of new Spain or "Mexico" in 1522. Cortes later died back in his homeland Spain in 1547.

The beggining- How did Cortes find his way to the new World?

Like many explores, Hernando followed the stars as navigation But how did he do this? Cortes first started using the compass and he looked up at the sky for clarification. Hernando sailed west just like Christopher Columbus to find new land. Cortes would follow his compass west and would also follow the trail of stars leading in the same direction as the compass was pointing. Cool, huh?

Hornando's route to the new world

Hernando set sail from Spain and went straight to what is now called Mexico. Cortes fought the natives or the Aztecs for the land but was ran off. Cortes retreated to Cuba and still wanted to concur Mexico. Despite his warnings he returned and finally conquered in 1519.

key for map above

Yellow highlighter- path taken as a return to a location

Black ink- route taken through the new world exploration

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