Lakeview MS - RtI Reminders

Here are some RtI reminders for your campus.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participant will have a clear understanding of RtI and tiers
  • Participant will have a clear understanding of the RtI process
  • Participant will have a clear understanding of Tier 1 strategies, and Tier 2 and 3 interventions
  • Participant will reflect on the information given and provide feedback to help clarify campus and individual understanding

What does the RtI Process look like in LISD?

It is important to remember that Response to Intervention (RtI) is a national mandate, but school districts have been given the flexibility to create an RtI Process that fits the district's needs. Please click on the Secondary RtI Process Step By Step document to become familiar with the RtI process in LISD.


A summary of tiers can be found in the chart below. Notice how each tier is similar and different.

Big image

Tier 1 Review

Tier 1 is simply good instructional practice. Click here to review Tier 1 ideas that can be used for all students. These strategies, in addition to content-specific strategies, need to be utilized for some time and a Tier 1 FOG needs to be started and filled out in Aware.

Tier 2 and 3 Review

If a student has been receiving Tier 1 strategies and progress is not being made, this is the time to request an RtI meeting. The Tier 1 FOG in Aware should have documentation of everything tried with the student. Click here to review the Tier 2 and 3 information in greater detail.

RtI Updates - Items that YOU need to know!!!

Now that you are into your RtI routine, here are some reminders about the process:

1. Have one person create a FOG on a student, and direct the other teachers to input on that FOG - You don't want to have a bajillion copies of the same FOG, so assign one person to begin the FOG.

2. Other content area teachers are not forgotten - RtI areas are required to be focused on reading, math, speech/language, and behavior. If you are a content area teacher, you just need to decide WHERE to place your intervention. For example, if you are a science teacher and you are working on writing lab results, then you could intervene with writing, and your intervention would be included on the ELA page of the FOG.

3. Each RtI area has its own page - ELA is always Page 2, Math is Page 3, and Speech/Language and Behavior is Page 4. This pattern is the same on all FOGS.

4. Save, save, SAVE - Eduphoria is a great system, as long as you SAVE each time you enter your work. Otherwise, you will need to enter your work all over again.

5. Resources and more resources - Keep checking back to the LISD RtI Reference Page to get the most recent information. It is being updated constantly. You teachers can also access this page in Eduphoria->Forethought->Scope and Sequence->LISD RtI Reference Page.

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