Super Sponge

Nicholas Penza


“Imagine yourself swimming in a coral reef”… Suddenly you see a sea sponge lying on a rock. Soon that sponge absorbs some of the water around it. Well did you know that that's how sponges gain their nutrients in the ocean? Well if not I’ll be showing you how they move, their body structure,and where they live.


From their movement, body structure, to their habitat I hope you can see what an amazing animal the sponge is. So now imagine yourself swimming in a coral reef and you see a sponge what do you think. So now I hope you can see that this majestic creature needs to remain unharmed to live and thrive.

Sponge Word Wall

This is my Word wall of words and phrases that describe the Sea Sponge.
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Sponge Quizzle

Today you will be tested on how well my smore helped you to learn about the sponge. Also remember, I will be be seeing the results so look back in the text for awnsers.

My diorama

In this diorama you will see an ocean seen. Also in this diorama I add hand drawn pictures of coral, Seaweed, a Clownfish, a crab, a Jellyfish, a Starfish, and a sponge on the rock.
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These are two haiku's I wrote about the Sponge ,also the syllables are 5-7-5.

Common name is Sponge

Sponges are bottom dwellers

These Sponges don’t move

Crabs give them a ride

These Sponges live in the sea

They have no backbone

Go Fish Activity

In this activity you had to make a fish tank. Although, you were supplied with a 20 gallon tank and a filter. We were also given a $250 budget.
Here is my paragraph I wrote about the Go Fish Activity.

In the Go Fish activity, for Australia week I was asked to make a fish tank with a $250 budget a twenty gallon tank and a filter. We had to choose decorations, fish, food, gravel, salt filter cartridges, and a thermometer. My fish were salt water fish and in total took up ten inches of my tank. I got a strawberry dottyback , two Nassarius snails , 2 blue damsels , and 1 carpenters Flashers warse. In the end I had 62 dollers and 52 cents I think I did really well and this was really fun.


This is a video of people finding sponges.
The wonderful world of the sea sponges- The Abyss- BBc Wildlife