New Product Video Links

For quick viewing and forwarding

Team, thought this would make it easy to quickly locate all of the video links in one place!

The links are altogether at the end as well as separated by a corresponding picture throughout

This way, you can quickly forward to a customer or post and repost on your Facebook pages, etc.

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Video One - CHARMS!!!! AND so much more...

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Video Two: Mad for Plaid!

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Video #3 - It’s Xmastime - nativity and new dangles and more!

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Ok - well I want one for myself! So not JUST for men!

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Video 5 - NEW LOCKET!!! And....

And of course we have the BEST Holiday Exclusive our hostess can earn!

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Make sure you get one for yourself! Pool individual orders together as a JB for you!

Close up - it's spectacular!

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AND if your qualifying hostesses prefer, she can still get the Jewelry Box!

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Holiday Links

The stuff is sooooo cute!

#1 *Sneak Peek* On the first day of Christmas, my true {love} gave to me…HOLIDAY CHARMS!

#2 Mad for Plaid

#3 It’s Xmastime - nativity and new dangles and more!

#4 Something for your man!

#5 Crystal Tear Drop Locket

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