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How Do You Use Technology With Your Students?

  • What have you found to be helpful for your grade level?
  • Tell what you are using to help you focus on the individual academic needs of students.
  • What lessons help you focus on the technology competencies taught and assessed on your grade level.
  • How do you Integrate the use of technology effectively, appropriatley across all school improvement goals?

Use These Everyday?

Please invite me to come:

  • film what you are doing to share with others
  • if you want to try something new and need some support during a lesson

Just let me know so we can grow!

How Do You Manage Your Learning Environment?

Concepts to consider as you design and manage an effective technology enhanced learning environment...

For example:

• identify appropriate and relevant technologies (e.g., hardware, software, and

peripheral devices) to meet specific curricular objectives

• apply methods and strategies to manage student learning (e.g., rotation strategies,

classroom arrangements) and monitor the completion of students' computer-based tasks

• apply effective management strategies that ensure maximum and equitable access to

and use of technologies for all students

• demonstrate knowledge of the effective use of software applications to address content


• recognize characteristics and features of a variety of technologies for students with

special needs (e.g., voice recognition software, touch screen, expanded keyboard) and

demonstrating knowledge of appropriate technologies and software genres that meet

individual learning styles and needs

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Alford's Awesome Teachers demonstrating appropriate and relevant use of technologies (e.g., hardware, software, and peripheral devices) to meet specific curricular objectives.

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