Learn more about Decolinization in Israel and China


Israel was created by the United Nations. They wanted independence because the people that lived in Israel were mainly Jewish and they wanted to get away after World War 2 when Hitler was putting them in concentration camps. The land they were put in was split with the Arabs. One main problem with that is that the Arabs did not agree to split the land with Israel. The Arabs launched the first Arab-Israeli war and the Arabs were defeated. Today, Israel still remains as their own independent country.


China wanted Independence to be a Communist country so all the other countries would leave them alone. They mainly were trying to get away from the British, who used a lot of their resources. It was hard for them to get their independence because British did not want to give up the land and it was hard with the limited amount of resources that they had. China today is now one of the strongest and most powerful country in the world.

Cause of wanting Independence?

The common cause for countries wanting Independence is Nationalism by their countries and thinking that they can handle it. The countries that mainly want independence usually are owned by very powerful countries. Like before China was powerful, they were owned by a big country like Great Britain. Some countries want independence but do not have the money or resources to be on their own.