Women, Family and Food Study

Do you shop for food in New York City? Are you a mother or expectant mother?

I'm interviewing women in New York City about their food shopping priorities.

This research is part of a sociological study of food, family, health and sustainability in large urban areas.


Eligible participants must reside in New York City, have children living at home or be pregnant or planning to start a family in the near future.

Interviews last about an hour and can be scheduled for a convenient time and location.

Questions ask what it is like to balance the many priorities that go into food shopping and feeding a family. I have a special interest in speaking with women who shop for some organic foods or wish they could afford organic foods.

All participants receive $20.

To participate or find out more about the study, send an email to:


Project web site: http://foodshoppingstudy.weebly.com

*(This is not a marketing study)