Raymond's Run Flyer

By: Toni Bambara Created by: Decoreion Moore

A Summary of Raymonds Run

Raymonds Run is about a girl who thinks shes fast and cant be stop, and shes right about it too because no one can beat her. Has the story goes on she relizes her brother ( Raymond) as a life too other than always being treated for. She has never say him run besides this one time and she thinks she as a person to teach him. This story is all about the things people dont see in a person that they think will never do.

my thoughts

My thought of the book is that it is a good book and many people will love it too. Its all about people who read people on what they look like than read them with there actions. thats all the authors is trying to say in this novel. Her point is to tell you that anything could happen no matter how old, how young, how small, and how tall anything could happen to any or anything that you think yop can do is possible.