Welcome to a New School Year @ OLA!

The beginning of something AMAZING together!

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Called to More

Each year we joyfully celebrate scripture to guide our days together. This year our theme of "Called to More" is based on the powerful story from Esther. Children will learn this story and how it guides how we love one another. You will hear this theme mentioned often, and it is a truly beautiful way to walk into this year together.

"More" does not mean more stuff, more things, or a longer to do list. It truly means "Greater than ourselves." That we are called to be part of greatness, to participate in a love that is more than our own hearts.

We look forward to journeying with our OLA village through this theme, and together helping to bring it to life.

The Amazing OLA 2021-2022 Team

We are so excited to share our amazing OLA team for the 2021-2022 school year. These are the amazing people who will be learning and growing together with you and your children! Welcome back so many familiar faces, and welcome to the newest members of the Awesome OLA Team!

Learning and Support Team

Mrs. Desaulniers - Secretary

Mrs. Buban - Library Technician

Mrs. Gordon - Custodian

Mr. Limon - Custodian

Miss Visser - Educational Assistant

Mrs. Liber - Educational Assistant

Mrs. Van Engelen - Educational Assistant

Teaching Team

Mrs. MacLean - Kindergarten & Health Champions Lead

Miss Miller - Grade 1M & Technology Lead

Mrs. Perry - Grade 1P

Mrs. Evans - Grade 1&2E & Indigenous Lead

Ms. Kelava - Grade 2K

Mrs. Vukovic - Grade 3V

Mr. Kuchmak - Grade 4K

Ms. Cyca - Grade 4C

Mrs. Lukie - Drama & Music Specialist

Mme Gravelle - French Language Specialist & English as a Second Language Lead

Mrs. Weller - Literacy Specialist

School Leadership & Student Support Team

Mrs. Lukie - Chaplain

Mme Gravelle - Principal

Mrs. Weller - Assistant Principal

Mrs. Kucy - Collaborative Response Coordinator

Mrs. Heesing - Family Wellness Worker

First Days @ OLA

We are so very excited to welcome back our OLA families, and welcome those new to this amazing school community!

First days of school bring a multitude of emotions, and that's ok. Together we honour and hold space for all of these emotions. We are blessed to have a loving God in our corner to help carry these emotions and open our hearts for the joy filled step into learning and growing together!! We are so looking forward to sharing first days with you and your child as well as each and every day this year!

Prior to your child beginning this year, your child's teacher will be sharing with you an introductory message so you have a chance to see your child's learning space and get to know a little bit about your child's teacher! Thank you for sharing this message with your child.

Staff are excited to meet you and your child and work together as an amazing team. Children also have excitement to reconnect with their friends. Connecting is so important for learning and growing. We will do both safely and with joy.

We know that when children feel safe, loved and welcome, they are able to successfully learn and grow. We also know that when moms and dads (the "big people") know their children are safe, well, loved and welcomed, these sentiments become how children walk into their days. Working together continues to be our biggest strength, as we all want and strive to the same goal: For students, staff and families to be well and joy-filled in their learning journeys. Let's do this together!

Further below we will share many of the steps that are in place to help keep our community safe. Right now, let's celebrate the first day of school and set both you and your children up for success!

We truly cannot wait to see you!

Student Drop Off & Pick UP

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Moms & Dads, If you are dropping your child off, thank you for using the three drop off and pick up points identified on the map above (white arrows). Thank you also for organizing a meeting place inside the play area, to meet your child after school so that together you may exit the school field together.

Staggered Entry and First Morning of Classes

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Beginning on their first full day of classes on September 3, Grade 1 - 4 children are invited to play in their morning play areas from 8:33am - 8:45am (Green Area = Grade 3&4; Orange Area = 1&2) Thank you for noting that supervision begins at 8:33am. Kindergarten children are encouraged to enter the school through their entrance door upon their arrival between 8:33am and 8:45am.

When the bell rings at 8:45am, students in grades 1-4 will go to their entrance doors and wait on a polka dot while their teacher welcomes them into the school in their colour groups.


As you know, as EICS, we shared our 2021-2022 School Plan (linked here) which also includes the link to the Alberta Government's school year plan.

In conjunction with and in addition to the above listed plans, OLA will continue many of the very successful practices as last year to help ensure student, staff and family wellness. Many of these are listed in the documents above. As well, specific to OLA, some additional protocols include colour groups for transitions, cohorting recess, cohorting recess space, superhero arms, sneeze corners, airplane arms, filtered water bottle filling stations and increasing handwashing spaces, just to name a few. You are invited to connect with Mme Gravelle if you have any questions with regards to these or any of our wellness protocols.

One of our most powerful strengths together is our communication. Sending your child to school communicates to the school that you have completed the Daily Screening Checklist (thank you!) and your child is symptom free. We are so appreciative when you connect with the office and your child's teacher to let us know if you child is home sick. Whenever staying home with symptoms, we will work with you to help continue your child's learning and growing.

Should you have any questions, we are here and happy to help.

What will my child learn this year?

In addition to learning how much God loves each and every one of His children, learning how to play, be curious, encourage, care for each other, spread joy and peace and deepen their relationships with Christ, along with building strong meaningful connections with their mentors, teachers, OLA's support team and their peers, children work to achieve specific learning outcomes as outlined by Alberta Education.

As you may know, the Alberta Curriculum will be changing. We are waiting word from the new government as to the implementation timeline. For now, to be companions on your child's learning journey, we invite you to click on the links below. The first link allows you to dig a little deeper into each subject area. The second link is an overall view of what will be explored at that grade level.

Kindergarten, Kindergarten at a Glance

Grade 1, Grade 1 at a Glance

Grade 2, Grade 2 at a Glance

Grade 3, Grade 3 at a Glance

Grade 4, Grade 4 at a Glance

Grade 5, Grade 5 at a Glance

We continue to welcome new students to the Family

Yes! You heard right! OLA continues to welcome children from Kindergarten to grade 4!

You are welcome and invited to share registration information with friends and family. We also welcome inquiries from interested families. We look forward to connecting with new families.

Please click here for registration information.

Feel free to email ola@eics.ab.ca

Or connect with us by phone at 780-998-3716

Volunteers & Visitors @ OLA

We are so grateful to parents and family members who are interested in volunteering at OLA! Students, staff and volunteers gain so much from these beautiful experiences.

For the month of September, while children and staff work through routines and build relationships, OLA will be a closed campus. As such, we will temporarily pause having volunteers at OLA.

Should you need to drop something off for your child, or pick them up during the day, please go to the front doors and call the school (the phone number is posted there for your convenience). We will happily deliver the forgotten items to your child or walk with your child to/from the front door.

If you would like to offer assistance at home, for example preparing art projects for the class (such as cutting, sorting, gluing) for your child's teacher, this is always appreciated. Feel free to reach out and offer your help.

At the end of September, we will review our contexts and update our OLA community with regards to guests and volunteering at OLA.

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To connect with your OLA School Council, please email schoolcouncil.ola@gmail.com.

OLA School Council will have open positions next year. Your invited to nominate a fellow parents, or let your name stand. Stay tuned for more information.

Joining School Council allows you the opportunity to be in the know, to work closely with parents, teachers and the school leadership team to plan and implement enhanced programming and special events for students and our school community!

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Click below to order your OLA Spirit Wear!

Looking Ahead...

Wednesday, September 1

  • Staggered Entry for Grades 1-4 with last names A - L
  • Staggered Entry M/W Kindergarten Class (at their booked times)

Thursday, September 2

  • Staggered Entry for Grades 1-4 with last names M - Z
  • Staggered Entry T/TH Kindergarten Class (at their booked times)

Friday, September 3

  • Grades 1 - 4 - All students begin classes
  • Staggered Entry for M/W Kindergarten Class (at their booked times
Tuesday, September 7
  • Staggered Entry for T/TH Kindergarten Class (at their booked times)

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

  • Early dismissal - school ends an hour early
  • School Spirit Theme Day - Rainbow Bright: Wear your favourite colour or as many as you like: Bright, Joy and Love!
  • First Full Day of Class for M/W Kindergarten

Thursday, September 9, 2021

  • First Full Day of Class for T/TH Kindergarten
Thursday, September 16, 2021
  • Tentative Meet the OLA Staff Night - TBA

Looking Further Ahead...

September 22

  • EICS Public Board Meeting @ 2:30pm
September 23
  • CEPAC Meeting @ 6:30pm
September 29
  • Bus Safety Practices in AM
September 30
  • National Truth & Reconciliation Day
  • Orange Shirt Day

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