Hunters Plaid is HOT, HOT, HOT!

Projecting stock for the Holidays + What's NEW this season?

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Our NEW Hunters Plaid Michigan Mittens are a HOT seller for 2016!

Projecting for the Holiday Season:

With the cold weather quickly approaching, we know that Mitten Season is upon us. In order to provide our valued retailers with product for holiday season, we ask that you put your orders in at least 3 weeks in advance. If you can project what you might be ordering, we would like to be prepared for this busy season! Order now, ship later!

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NEW "Old Maid in Michigan" Jumbo sized Playing Cards!

High quality, jumbo sized playing card deck, featuring our original design, iconic Michigan characters. Fun for the whole family and 100% Michigan "Maid"!

Order now to be first to receive them.

Sure to be a collectible!

A FUN October surprise for your customers!

Hand illustrated by David W. Smith with Graphic Design by Lisa Angelilli

About David W. Smith:

David is 57 years old and has worked for some of the largest Ad Agencies in the Country. He has created story boards and illustrations for Vlasic, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Google and many others. When our economy took a turn for the worse, David lost his job. Eventually he lost his home and car. David had been homeless for over 2 years.

In July of 2014 David walked through the doors of our Mitten factory, suitcase in tow, looking for work. It didn't take long to realize that David did not fit the general stereotype of what society might think of someone who is homeless.

David is a kind, soft spoken, gentleman. He is a brilliant artist and a gentle soul. He was broken, hurting and brave. We knew that he came to us for a reason, whether he realized it or not. Destiny had intervened.

Shortly after we began reaching out to some of David's former colleagues who were shocked to learn of his situation. They wanted to help. We created a Facebook page, I'm with David in an effort to reach anyone that might be able to help David to find work and a brighter future.

We were able to raise some funds to get David off the streets and into safe housing. We continue to work with David to ensure he has income to keep him safe and in his rental home.

David receives a portion of all sales of our Old Maid in Michigan playing cards.

If you or someone you know is in need of artwork or illustrations and would like to help support David. Please reach out to Lisa or Connie at

Thank you!

Michigan Mittens - A GREAT Michigan souvenir year round!

Now available in Rustic Red, Cherry, Wildflower, Grape Lakes, Isle Royale, Lake Blue, Chive, Olive, Go Green, Go Blue, Black Bear, Charcoal, Grayling and Fog Gray.

Youth available in Rustic Red, Isle Royale and Blue Heron only.

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NEW "Upper Hand Yooper" Nostalgic Handmade Pennant!

See all available options below:

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Display your Michigan Mittens easily with our handmade display.

Love, Michigan Mittens

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