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Newsletter of the Ten O'clock Line Chapter, NSDAR

June 2016

Regent's Message

If April showers bring May flowers, then what in the world will all of these May showers bring to us in June? My husband can tell's more lawn mowing! I hope everyone is staying dry and enjoying those beautiful May flowers.

Just a reminder of our goal to set a new Guinness World Record! Each one of you can be a part of this worthwhile only takes a few minutes! We need your help! See the Project Patriot Update below for more information. I will be collecting your letters right up until we leave for Congress on June 10!

Indiana Daughters enjoyed a successful 115th Indiana State Conference May 13-15. Our chapter had the honor of presenting the National Defense Committee's DAR Outstanding Citizen award to Ronald May during Saturday evening's formal banquet. It was an amazing honor for us. Check out the photos below!

Kudos to the small but mighty group of Ten O'clock Line Daughters who dodged a few raindrops to work on cleaning at the Williams-Bradford Cemetery last weekend. We were joined by a couple energetic C.A.R. kids who scrubbed and scrubbed while the rest of us tried to locate the base of Civil War veteran Marcus L. Dillender's headstone. Many headstones were cleaned and new flags were placed for veterans. We're in the planning stages of another headstone restoration project...and this time, we have help! Read below to learn more.

Our chapter will be presenting Medal of Honor Recipient Sammy Davis with a DAR Distinguished Citizens Medal on Friday, June 3 at Mooresville High School at 6:30pm. We would love to have many of our Ten O'clock Line Daughters in attendance to hear Mr. Davis' lecture and honor him as we give him one of our National Defense Committee awards.

Our organization has reached an exciting milestone -- submitting applications for membership online! Prospective members will have the ability to create an online account that allows them to enter their lineage information, pay application fees, and upload supporting documentation online! There's a great tutorial available on our national members' website:

Have a wonderful summer!

Many Blessings,


Our Amazing Daughters

Bradford-Williams Cemetery Clean-up

On May 21, a dedicated group of Ten O'clock Line Daughters met on a drizzly morning to continue the work started last fall in the Williams-Bradford Cemetery. SGT Cornelius King's headstone and DAR-placed marker are still looking very nice! Janice and Mina Enk spent some time prodding the ground in the hopes of finding a base for the headstone of Civil War veteran Marcus L. Dillender. Unfortunately, the only thing we found after digging was part of a glass bottle and some pieces of pottery.

Rosie Seay and Debbie Bolinger were scrubbing machines, cleaning veteran headstones first, then moving on to others in need of attention. Prospective member, Andria Naugle, wasn't afraid to get dirty in helping to remove some overgrown lilies that had taken over a burial site. Already an asset to our chapter and she's not even been assigned a national number yet! Thank you, Andria!

We were joined by General Daniel Morgan Society C.A.R. members Samantha and Hanna Resler. Their boundless energy was an asset (and an inspiration)!

Restoration of Marcus L. Dillender Headstone

After the re-dedication ceremony of SGT King's headstone last fall, a few of us decided to "dig around" the cemetery. Thanks to an inventory of interments from Janice Bolinger, we knew where Civil War veteran Corporal Marcus L. Dillender's headstone should be....we just could not find it. After wading into the knee-high lilies surrounding the nearest headstone, we found it.

Unfortunately, the stone had been moved and was partially buried leaned against the stone next to it. CPL Dillender's stone appears to have been broken at the bottom, with at least one corner missing. The remainder of the stone, the portion showing his name and unit, is intact.

The Ten O'clock Line Daughters in attendance at the November meeting agreed that CPL Dillender's headstone should be our next restoration project. In some very exciting news, the Governor Oliver Perry Morton Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the Union has voted to partner with our chapter in the restoration. The Daughters of the Union have already raised over $80 to aid in the restoration expenses! We are so excited to work together with another organization that seeks to honor our war veterans!

Helping our Homeless Veterans

Please take a moment and review the HVAF wish list to determine the current needs for our homeless veterans. Please try to bring one (or more) of the wish list items to our next meeting. As always, your cash donation (so that Phyllis can purchase needed items) will also be accepted.

Thank you again for your support of our veterans!

State Conference Highlights

DAR Outstanding Citizen - Ronald May

Many of you remember the awesome program Mr. May gave to our chapter in June 2015. I know many of us look forward to reading his wonderful articles documenting the lives of our veterans. We were so honored to present Mr. May with the DAR Outstanding Citizen award at the Saturday evening banquet at the 115th Indiana State Conference.

Mr. May served our country as a Navy chaplain for 22 years. After his retirement, he began to write veteran service stories and submit them to local newspapers in the central Indiana area. He has published one book, Our Service Our Stories: Indiana Veterans Recall Their WWII Experiences and is currently working on another.

It was our pleasure to host Mr. May at the banquet and to present him with an award of which he was so deserving!

See the "Online Resources" section below for information about how to order your copy of Mr. May's book.

Pictured below: Ronald May, Indiana DAR State Regent Lois Huntington, and Ten O'clock Line Chapter Regent Stephanie Resler

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Chapter Awards!

Once again, our chapter was awarded for our hard work in promoting the objectives of our society. I'm pleased to announce that we received the following awards:

  • 100% Participation in the President General's Project
  • DAR Service for Veterans 3rd place for monetary donations
  • Chapter Achievement Award for increasing over 100 points
  • DAR Project Patriot appreciation award for outstanding support
  • National Defense Committee appreciation award for outstanding support - Youth Citizenship Awards
  • State Scholarship Committee award for presenting 7 scholarship applications
  • Historic Preservation award for replacing King headstone on original base
  • Historic Preservation award for cemetery headstone restoration
  • Commemorative Events award for being a 50th Anniversary Vietnam War Partner
  • Americanism "Top 10" award for hosting a table at the Martinsville Fall Foliage Festival
  • Americanism "Top 10" award for distributing pamphlets about the American's Creed and the National Anthem
  • Americanism "Top 10" award for distributing flag pins at the Keep the Spirit of '45 Alive event
  • Tied for 1st place in scrapbook contest
  • Excellent rating for 2015-2016 chapter yearbook
  • Membership award for Marilyn Roth for assisting Kenzi Collins-Bottorff
  • Membership award for Angela Payne for assisting Anna Payne
  • Membership award for Janice Enk for assisting Pamela Tabor
  • Membership award for Janice Bolinger for assisting Pamela Tabor, Kenzi Collins-Bottorff, Karon Bolinger, Rhonda Hawk, and Anna Payne

Patriot's Corner

Marcus L. Dillender - Civil War Veteran

Marcus L. Dillender was born in Georgia in 1839. At the time of the outbreak of the Civil War, he was living in DeKalb County, Alabama, very near the area where Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee join. He was a farmer, living with his wife Mary, and their 3 children.

Marcus was one of a group of southern men who were opposed to slavery and the actions of the wealthy southern landowners. For that reason, he enlisted in the 1st Alabama & Tennessee Independent Vidette Cavalry in 1864. Corporal Dillender was part of G Company, which organized at either Stevenson or Bridgeport, Alabama between September 10, 1863, to April 26, 1864. He mustered out June 16, 1864.

It is unclear exactly why he chose to settle in Indiana. It can be assumed that southerners fighting for the Union were ostracized. Marcus Dillender died in Morgan County on February 21, 1901 and was buried in the Williams-Bradford Cemetery.

Project Patriot Update

Help DAR set a new world record!

Be a part of DAR history - it's as easy as writing a letter! That's right! DAR is collecting handwritten letters to our active military troops in an attempt to set the record for the Most letters to military personnel collected in one month.

Please note that there are participation rules that MUST BE FOLLOWED in order to qualify for the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ attempt. These are the procedures that must be followed for participation:

  • All letters must be submitted in person during the week of Continental Congress. Your Regent and Vice Regent are going to Congress this year, so bring your letters to any of our upcoming chapter meetings!

  • Individuals may only personally write one letter each, but non-DAR members, such as family, friends and other community members, are also welcome to participate. There is no age restriction, so children may participate so long as all the letters meet the official guidelines. You are encouraged to collect as many letters as possible to bring to Congress! If you plan to work with a group of schoolchildren the return address on the envelope should be the school's address.

  • Every letter must contain three components:
    1. a greeting (e.g. Dear Soldier or Dear John Smith)
    2. an original message of support/ appreciation
    3. a closing (e.g. Love, Thanks, Sincerely) with a signature

  • Each letter should be in an UNSEALED envelope. The envelope should bear a 49-cent first class U.S. postage stamp, your return name/address should be on the envelope and it should be addressed to one of the military personnel listed here or addressed to an active duty individual you know personally. Letters should not be addressed to generic military base addresses. Letters must include all of these elements and be submitted at Congress or they are not eligible to be counted for the record. Please do not mail the letters on your own. While participants should only submit one letter each, multiple letters may be addresses to the same service member.

  • Both stationery and cards can be used as long as they are submitted in a stamped and addressed envelope. All letters should be hand written and should be original submissions from each individual participant. No form letters, templates or Xerox copies may be submitted.

  • An official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Adjudicator will be opening and inspecting random samples during the verification process. It is essential that every letter submitted follow these rules or it will be discarded by the adjudicator and not counted toward the record. DAR will seal and finalize the letters for mailing after the close of Congress.
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Upcoming Events

Sammy L. Davis Lecture

Friday, June 3rd, 6:30pm

550 North Indiana Street

Mooresville, IN

Come listen to a lecture from Medal of Honor recipient Sammy L. Davis. Our chapter will be presenting the DAR Outstanding Citizen Award to Mr. Davis!

June Chapter Meeting with Central District Director, Kitty Ryerson

Tuesday, June 7th, 6pm

900 Indianapolis Road

Mooresville, IN

Program: “’But Woman’s Work is Never Done’ – The Practical Life of Women in Colonial America” – Kathleen Ryerson, IN DAR Central District Director

Hostesses: Vickie Clark, Angie Payne

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Indiana DAR site:

Username: Hoosier

password: 1816Indiana

Ten O'clock Line page:

Morgan County History & Genealogy page:

Morgan County Bicentennial Celebrations:

Our Service Our Stories: Indiana Veterans Recall Their WWII Experiences -

Order Mr. May's book through his facebook page. Proceeds go to benefit Indy Honor Flight:

Notes & Quotes

Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June. ~Al Bernstein

If a June night could talk, it would probably boast that it invented romance. ~ Bern Williams