Poetry Anathology

By: Angel Bailey


Angel Bailey was born in Arlington, Texas and when she was 5 years old she moved to Justin, Texas. Whenever she was younger she loved her big sister until one faithful day that trust was broken. Her vision started to go worsen as she got older and it led her to have to wear glasses. She has always loved food in general, but ice cream above them all. Love is something she has for anybody and everybody. These are some of her poems that she has created while in her 9th grade English class.

Where Im From

I am from fire, from water and popcorn.

I am from the jail cell in the prison. (Blissful, innocent, who saw everybody as a friend.

I am from the black eyed Susana, the rose from where the dirt turns to concrete.

I am from camping and big noses, from Baylee, and Heads, and Bailey.

I am from the gossipers and braggers.

From come home before the streetlights come on to if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

I am from Christianity, where both of my parents are faithful Christians.

I'm from Arlington, Texas and the many different locations in Texas, fired chicken and barbecue.

From my great- great grandmother purchasing over 100+ acres in the year 1930 and she was a single mother of 10 kids. She used the land to grow food to sell to the people to make money, which this land is passed down from generation to generation.

Then over five generations ago, during the U.S census, the census taker asked the family how to spell their last name and they put heads, but their real name was hedges. They put this because the two brothers, one being educated and the other not. The educated brother put the right name hedges but the uneducated brother put heads. The uneducated brother's offspring started going by heads, even though heads is a made-up last name. So, everybody who's last name ends in a "s", they are related to me.

I am from the different locations and generations that have been kept in a family album over time.

Narrative Poem

Pain rushed through every inch of my body.

Pain was all I felt as I looked at my bloody fingers.

Screaming and crying was all I could do as my mother rushed in the house and my sister's face shredded in horror.

Screaming at my sister was all I could do to forget the pain.

It was her fault for letting me take the bait and open the halfway open can.

Fathers day was sure to be ruined.

Trust was broken between me and my sister.

Trust was never the same after the incident.

She told me just to open it.

Now my fingers are cut halfway open and blood is everywhere.

On the counters, drawers, stove, and still on the can of beans was my blood.

My mom rushed me to the bathroom to wash the blood off my fingers.

"Everything's going to be okay", she kept telling me but it wasn't.

From that day on my faith in my sister was suddenly plucked away.

Structure Poem

Ice cream is like life, it’s for everyone. Its sweet,

goodness is just dripping down the cone. So many

choices to choose from, all you will enjoy. From sprinkles

to chocolate syrup, you will love them all. From Ben and

Jerry’s to Blue Bell, it will be waiting for you there. There

best on sunny days, but we eat then on any day, anyway. If your

lactose- intolerant, there’s no excuse. If you just don’t like ice

cream then frankly, I feel sorry for you. When life is rough and

you’re sad or happy it’s always there

for you. For when you’re mad just take a lick and your

frown will turn upside down. One lick is all it

takes for this frozen treat to satisfy your taste

buds. When being healthy is not for you,

come to the dark side or better

yet the sweet side.

Ice cream is for


Ode to my Glasses

My glasses are my world, since they've done so much for me.

Who let me see the world around me,

Who let me get a better glimpse of people,

Who didn't let me squint my eye.

A piece of plastic that protects my eyes from everything.

I remember the first time I got you in the store

You were sitting there so lonely.

I was so skeptical about people with glasses, but you changed it all for me.

When I saw you I felt as if heavens gate had opened and angels were singing to me.

I knew from that moment on you were the one.

All good things come to an end though.

The time you were on the floor, and I was looking for you, I didn't see you and.., you went "crunch" and I was so sad, and I started crying and crying and crying.

I was so sad that you were broken but scared what my mom was going to say.


Love is like the rain

It makes everything calm and still

But it can also cause pain

As it all goes down hill

Love can touch your soul

You never know how long it can last

It can all easily go down the hole

After so many experiences from the past

Thunder sounds, like a beating heart

As the rain falls down like never-ending tears

You both can't stand to be apart

A rainbow soon appears

Cause by being with you

I know that this is all true


My intended affect on my readers was for them to get to know about my love for many objects. I loved to write all my poems, except the sonnet because of the many guidelines that come with it. Whenever I write my poems I like to have creativity with all of them. I talked about my family because their important in my life even though we may have our differences at time but I truly love them. Then my sister is my best friend so I wrote about her because I love to tell her all about the incident. Next is food, and I love food everything about it so I decided to show my love for it. Lastly is my glasses and I love them because I take care of them and they take care of me. I started to think of things I love and then expanded my idea on them. Other people inspire me, because I can relate to them or turn their whole idea into something that's similar in my own way.