The Dungle Book

Wild Feelings Of Dunyae

How Savage Dun Came To Be !

Hi my Dunyae Smith ! I am from Dallas,TX. My cultural aspects are that i speak English and i do very many other things. I have a family size of 4 people including me and my other 3 family members that i live with. I like electronics and going to my cousins house,also doing musically. I dont like people who talk a lot. The theme of my mandala is a musically symbol because its something that i love and that i like to do. The message about me if that im a fun person who like to do lots of fun things.


The symbol is family, it is family because they are my top priority and there the people that i could actually count on for thing and the people that i love the most. The story behind this symbol is one day i needed help with something and everyone in my family was help which lets me know that they care about me and that im their top priority also. Something my family reminds me of is full house because we have our moments and our happy times.


This symbol is music, it is music because it helps me get through harsh times and it also relaxes me. Music is important because it very helpful to me like if im stressed i listen to music and it makes me feel better. A story behind music is one i was so mad and angry that i couldn't calm down, so sat down and started listening to my music and it relaxed me. Music remind me of peace. Music connects to me because sometimes i help people calm down to.

Smiley Face

This symbol is smiley face, it is a smiley face because im always smiling and laughing and my days are just great. It is important because it reminds me to smile through everything and it will be okay. One day i had stopped smiling and my friends asked what was wrong, so i told them and they helped me by saying just smile and i did and everything was okay. The smiley face connects to me because now im always smiling. Also i love to smile.


This symbol is NIKE, it is NIKE because i love to shop for Nike shoes and like love shoes. It is important because i like shoes and i love to shop for NIKE shoes. I use this symbol because i like the logo and it reminds me of a check sign and that i can do anything wit Nike's. It connects to me because i believe in myself and everyday I JUST DO IT.

Peace Sign

Finally the last symbol is PEACE, it is PEACE because it lets me know and reminds me to stay calm and it also reminds of of PEACE N' LOVE. One day i was about to fight someone but they told me not to and to be at peace and that they would handel the situation. This is why i love peace.
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