Social Studies Department Meeting

January 20th, 2015

EL Project Plan

A reminder that EL Project Plans are due this Friday and will be reviewed by Sarah Boddy by Jan. 30th.

7th grade - A Living History of a Veteran's Sacrifice

8th grade - Civil Rights Movement and its relation to the world today

Magnet Compliance Visit

Tuesday, Jan. 27th

Be sure your lessons that day have a global theme/connection.

Classrooms and hallways should exude an international vibe.

African American History Month

Be sure to have at least one lesson related to African American History Month in February. If you are planning anything special, please notify Melony Sanford or me because she would like to come out and visit.

I've shared a link with you that includes resources and ideas for teaching African American History Month that was created by James Bryan.

Honors vs. CP Differentation

Discussion - How much differentiation is occurred between our Honors and CP classes on a daily basis?

How can we improve the degree of differentiation?

EL Protocols

Be sure to incorporate and document EL protocols on a daily/weekly basis and use the "E" magnet to signify these on your daily agenda.

Final Thoughts, Needs?, Questions?

8th grade - When are you planning to give your 2nd Benchmark? Any needs with AIL? Would anyone like to try Engage and Learn so students can take the assessment on their Chromebooks?

Katie - Your atlas order will happen this week!

Supplies for EL Project?