PCB Assembly

PCB Manufacturer

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Material Management

Triode provides a turnkey approach to material management.It includes component procurement and inventory control.

Rework and Modifications

Here team at Triode can perform all types of rework and modifications from chip components to BGA's.Sometimes whatever you planned it doesn't workout as you planned.

Production PCB Assembly

Here Triode is your partner to move your products into large mass production.Here you will get the two automatic Surface Mount Assembly lines with capacity greater than 32,000components per hour.

Component Sourcing

Here Triode partners is having with leading domestic and international authorised distributorsfor the supply of PCB's and components.

PCB Manufacturer

ProtoTypes and NPI Assembly

We can perform pre-manufacture DFM reporting here.Triode helps to validate electonic designs and bring new products to market.Here in Triode we understand the importance of rapid prototype PCB Assembly.

PCB Assembly Capability summary

Triode Group providing a full turnkey for a single point of contact.Triode Group Limited is a leading manufacturer of PCB Assemblies.

Through Hole Assembly

Here by combining with both Lead and Lead-free waves we can perform all levels of PTH assembly.Our through hole assemblers work accurately and efficiently to ensure the quality manual assembly.

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