Word Work Station Fluency

OH! SNAP! High Frequency Word Game

First Grade Teachers' Office Hours

Should you need any help during this eLearning Day, you will be able to contact us at school during the Open Lab days that have been scheduled.

Mrs. Martin Mon., 2:45-5:30, Thurs., 2:45-4:00 mailto:martind@swparke.k12.in.us

Mrs. Shew Thurs., 3:00-5:30, Sat., 7:45-9:15 mailto:shewl@swparke.k12.in.us

Mrs. Edington Mon., 2:45-5:00, Sat., 9:00-10:45 mailto:edingtonk@swparke.k12.in.us

Lesson Objectives

Students should know the high frequency words learned in first grade.

Time (approximately 18 minutes)


In your First Grade eLearning Day packet you will find a baggie containing the instructions and cards to play this game. Please ask an adult, brother, or sister to play with you.
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As you draw a card, you should be able to read the word within 1-3 seconds without sounding it out. If you have to make each letter sound, then you don't get to keep that card in your pile. This also means you need to practice this word more often until you can say it quickly.

Oh! Snap! High Frequency word game


(18 minutes)

Play OH! SNAP! High Frequency Word game. Have fun!!


At the end of the game, count how many cards you won.

Make a list of the words you had problems with, and practice them more.


Keep playing OH! SNAP! during the summer so you don't forget the words you learned in first grade!!

You can also play the Fry Word app on the iPad, or play one of the listed games on the computer.

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