Immigration to Texas


Mexico Immigration

Mexicans settled in Texas in 1826 through 1839 in the eastern and lower south of Texas. They had push and pull factors. Ranchers and farm were common and they practiced the catholic religion. They were against slavery and rejected it.


They also celebrated holidays like Flag Day . They also celebrated the Day of the Dead and Cinco de Mayo and many more. Cinco de Mayo is a holiday they celebrate. They celebrate because that is when they got their independence from Spain. The day of the dead is where they celebrate souls and it is held for several days. Flag day is where they celebrate their flag.


In Mexico they had many recipes like chicken and beef with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables . They also had tacos and enchilada. They fruits such as apples, corn, and vegetables. Some vegetables that they ate were peas and broccoli. They also ate tacos which the soft tortillas were steamed or grilled. The taco could be made with a variety of meat including beef and chicken or seafood. Vegetables like avocado and onions were added. After that was done it was garnished with lime and cilantro.