Joyeux Noel!

The French Christmas :)

Popular Places

Père Noël

In America, we know him as Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, or Santa Clause, but in France, they know him as Père Noël. Originally, there were two who delivered on Christmas, Saint Nicolas who delivered to the good kids and Père Fouettard who visited the bad kids on Christmas and delivered them coal. The pair would come on December 6 instead of December 25. In the days leading up to Christmas, kids would write letters to Saint Nicolas and in 1962 a law was passed that said when a child writes a letter to Santa at a certain, they are responded to with a postcard, so they know that Santa got their letters.
(It would be pretty cool, if i was still that age, to get a letter back from Santa :) )

Reveillon de Noël

Every year during Christmas time and New Year's, France displays the Eiffel Tower's light show for everyone to see.

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by: Elizabeth Newell