Works Progress Administrstion


Who in this Program will it help

This program is intended to help million of poor Americans who are jobless and need work.

This Program will do.....

This program will be very helpful to a lot of jobless Americans. It will open up job opportunities to many poor Americans.

641,087 miles and highways will be built

125,110 public buildings will be built

8,192 parks will be built

This is a recovery part of the Great Depression

This program will be very successful in cleaning up after The Great Depression

Understanding The Great Depression

This program makes you understand The Great Depression because it shows how bad the economy was during this time period. This program is to help the poor Americans that went through The Great Depression. It is basically a recovery from The Great Depression.

It does not Exist anymore because of low unemployment rate from worker in World War 2

WPA (Works Progress Administration) - 1937


This video is about the Works Progress Administration, which was part of Franklin D Roosevelt's New Deal. This program started during The Great Depression. This video shows the men working on construction sites including roads, bridges, buildings, airport construction as well as water and sewer projects. This video was intended to help the jobless Americans after The Great Depression.