The Solar Nebula Theory

How everything got started

Solar Nebula Theory

The running theory is that all those beautiful nebula's we see on bras, blankets, and boots are what everything we have now came from. Anyways once upon a time there existed one of these clouds that was slowly moving inward. These beautiful clumps of dust have unstable gravitation, and will begin to collapse in on itself like sinkholes that swallow up big houses. Lucky for us these are not black holes and instead of sucking in matter they sort of compact until they burn up into stars. These stars don't start off as the cool one we have in our solar system, but ours once was a bit of a hot head after it was formed. From these stars and from other places come the planet material we do so treasure, and of course the sun gathers a stable gravity field and picks up a bunch of small useless rock which eventually ball up into a bigger useless rock. This theory wasn't just thought up over night, and was improved upon many times by a long list of people. Emanuel Swedenborg was the first to build the foundation in 1734, then was continued by Pierre-Simon Laplace in 1796, then Andrew Prentice res erected it in 1978, and was finally perfected by George Wetherill after discovering a crap ton of new planets.

Cool Looking Nebulae