Morah Elaine's Reading Group

Hebrew Anyone?

We are going to make it happen!

Shalom Families,
This year is the year for our children to learn Hebrew Reading and basic vocabulary. Our group has a wonderful dynamic and likes to have fun while learning. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? Of course, it's more fun when everyone is on the same page. So, let's see how we can make that happen.

In Class:

Here is the recipe for success:
1. Be there! Come to class on time. Come to class often.
2. Have your "Shalom Learning" practice homework done (more about that later)
3. Participate in the learning games, activities, and discussions.
4. Don't be shy. Ask questions.
5. Put your best foot forward! Respect each other.

All About Shalom Learning

Shalom Learning is our most important resource for Hebrew reading in class and at home. This school-wide initiative is designed to build reading fluency and accuracy and to help your child feel comfortable with Hebrew. BUT, it works only if it is used both in class AND at home. We meet only once a week for Hebrew. That's great, but students need a midweek booster to keep the reading comfort level up. The only homework that I give is to be faithful to signing on to the "Shalom Learning" site at least once a week (twice is better) and practicing what we learned in class. The practice at home is important! Can you imagine a baseball player who just shows up for the games or a piano student who shows up just for the recital? Practice might not make perfect, but it certainly builds confidence and improves the game.

In order to monitor reading progress, there are activities in each lesson that the students are to complete and submit. I will check their work so that I can provide help where needed and congratulations for their successes.

The "Shalom Learning" url is
Every student has a unique login provided by Morah Gaby. If you don't remember it, you can contact me at my email address below or Morah Gaby via email or call to BTBRC.

Encourage your child to "Go for it!" Let's hear some Hebrew reading in the house.