Starbursts in a week

week 19


This week we studied the word with CVC.

The children were able to recognize words with middle a,i,o,u,e sounds.

They also formed words with different beginning / middle and ending sounds .

The children can decode CVC words by practicing decoding with the sounds of letters,

for example the word man the children will decode it as follows (mm ..aa...nn/fat/ fin/wig/fit/cot/hot/ cut/ mug

They also practiced recognizing high frequency words by playing the bingo game , children enjoyed recognizing the words by playing the game .

This week the children were guessing the first / middle and ending letters of each word.

We practiced guessing the letters in worksheets with pictures , trying to figure out the beginning sound for three pictures to form a cvc word a word out of three letters.

We also played the snow ball game ( a ball with a word ).

The children this week stared to figure out words that rhymes like :

cat....mat/ cut.....mug/ wig....fig / words that have the same middle and ending .

This week the children got introduced to Sh.../Ch..

The children by now they know that the sh and the ch are best friends and they are also called the sticky friends they are always together and they never leave each other.

words that has sh : fish/shelf/she/ship.

words that has ch :cheese/ chair/watch.


This week the children were introduced to 2D shapes and 3D shapes.

The children played a game of sorting out things in the classroom into 2D and 3D.

They also colored the 3D pyramid .

They were introduced to odd and even numbers, they liked listening to the story of Mr. odd the man who doesn't like sharing and Mr. even the good man .

Mr.odd likes always to choose numbers 1/3/5/7/9 so as not to share equally anything with anyone , while Mr. even he likes to choose numbers 2/4/6/8/10 because he likes to share everything equally with everyone.

They learned the odd and even using their fingers / number cards and the number line.


This week we learned about the insects , what do they need for living.
insects are living they need air/ water / shelter and food .
They lay eggs , move, breath air, and grow

Stars of the week

Hamza Ahmed