3 Paths, 3 Options

3 Careers to Look Into

By: Amanda Ochieng

Are you interested in careers that involve Interior Design, Culinary Arts, or Fashion Design? Then, you could look into here. The following are three options: remodeling, food styling, or last but not least a Fashion Designer. So, if these options look pleasing then read all about it. All you need to know to take up on of these careers.


You would mainly go to a house know what needs to be changed and get t work. You would have to tear down some places and start fresh but in the end it must be customer satisfactory and also a safe environment for the people living in the area.

Required education for this job an Associate's or Bachelor's degree. Coursework options usually include:

Spatial planning



Furniture design

Color and fabrics



Classes in psychology and ethics are also necessary along with a lot of training in computer aided drafting. If you earn an Associate's then you will probably be an assistant. If you earn a Bachelor's then you can apply for apprenticeship.

Your average salary would be about $54,200. This can sustain one person well and a family of four just a little tightly.

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Food Stylist

As a food stylist you would work for a magazine or company usually to help sell a specific food. You would make it appeal to all the human senses (especially sight.) Most times the food you create will be inedible because you will add glue or other processed things to make it look just right. But your job would be to make someone buy it or make it themselves.

There is no specific degree you can have in food styling but many enroll in courses having to do with food styling. You can also start by getting a diploma in culinary arts.

Your average salary will be about $33,000 a year. This is the average salary for most jobs. So, if you work hard and keep trying you might just find yourself being promoted!

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Fashion Designer

As a fashion designer you will be designing clothing for people to wear. You can do children's, adults, or even celebrities clothes if you get good! You must enjoy sewing and planning. When creating a final product it must look unique so that you can make a lot of money. Many times you might be designing for a fashion show that a model will be participating in. If your style wins then that is just a little more money coming in, so work hard and you will make it!

Your average pay will probably be about $73,650. If you decide to design footwear then you will make $77,730. This is a lot but there is always tax so try to stay on the high end if you want the most you can get.

Before you can start earning these buck must must train. Your mandatory education consists of a Bachelor's Degree or an Associate's degree. So, get your degree, pass your tests and you are ready to go!

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So if you would like to become any of these things start your research and dive right in! Good luck!