Marin Hulme

Election of 1960

-Republicans: Richard M. Nixon

Democrats: John F. Kennedy

-won the election against "experienced" Nixon

-set out to create new frontier

-Kennedy won 303 electoral votes to 219

-also won by an extremely close margin of only 118, 574 votes out of over 68 million

Cold War

- Peace Corps: army of idealistic mostly youthful volunteers to bring american skills to underdeveloped countries

- Flexible Response- developing a variety of military options that be matched to the gravity of the crisis at hand

-barbed wire and concrete barrier was created to plug the heavy population drain from East Germany to West Germany through the Berlin funnel

-the Berlin Wall looked like an enclosure to a concentration camp and remained for three decades symbolizing the post–World War II division of Europe into two hostile camps.

- Kennedy deployed more than fifteen thousand American men to the "far-off Asian slaughter pen" when they were originally supposed to foster political stability and protect Diem from communism long enough to allow for social reforms favored by Americans

- twelve hundred exiles arrived at Cuba's Bay of Pigs; Kennedy went against direct intervention

- Krushchev began dropping nuclear-tipped missiles in Cuba to protect Castro and blackmail the United States to back down in Berlin

Civil Rights

-campaigned with appeal to black voters

-needed Congress's approval of civil rights' movement

-joined hands with the civil rights movement with MLK

-lots of opposition to desegregation

-delivered a memorable speech to the nation of June 11th, 1963 after many vicious confrontations regarding civil rights

- March on Washington: August 1963, led by Martin Luther King Jr., 200,000 peaceful protestors, blacks and whites, supporting new civil rights legislation

-James Meredith was one of the pioneers of the civil rights movement; in 1962 he became the first black student to successfully enroll at the University of Mississippi

-had major problems at the University of Mississippi with desegregation and it took 400 federal marshals and 3,000 troops to enroll marshall in his first class; he ultimately graduated after the loss of two lives, many injuries and some 4 million taxpayer dollars

Kennedy Assassination

-Killed by Lee Harvey Oswald will in limousine in downtown Dallas, Texas

- Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald

- Oswald shot out of old abandoned warehouse

- brought millions to his funeral

-a nation grieved as the tragedy became even more unbelievable

- Vice President Johnson was sworn in as president

-2/3 of the nation said they felt physical or emotional pain in the days after Kennedy's assassination