By Katie Stalnaker

History of the DC'S

In June 1997 the DC company was founded. The founders are Damon Way and Ken Block. The DC used to stand for Droors clothing but later they changed it to mean DC. In 2011 they had to change the logo, because one of the people that worked there was arrested of a carjacking incident. They helped with the RedIsCover campaign.

Day in the life of Elizabeth.

Hello. My name is Elizabeth. I am tough and like to hang out with the boys. I am a girl. I need shoes that will last long and are tough. I found some DC'S that fit that perfect image. These DC'S are perfect. They will last a long time. And are the perfect color, black.

My connection

I did this shoe because I had a pair of DC'S that I loved but I hade to got rid of. They were plan black in the front and had a bunch of circles on the back. I would ware them all the time every day for 3 years (and of corse I washed them). I would do everything with them, ride my bike, dance,sing, go to school. I loved them. Last year I gave them to my church because I out grew them. So that was my connection and why I picked these shoes. (They do not look like the shoe shone blow.)
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