Devin Fernandez

Is it Renewable?

It can be renewable and it can not be. But it usually is not because it is a fossil fuel and most fossil fuels are not renewable.

Where is Hydrogen found on Earth?

Hydrogen is mainly found in Earths atmosphere.

How does Hydrogen work to produce energy for people?

Hydrogen power happens when the two atoms of water, hydrogen and oxygen, are split up and the hydrogen forms into a liquid and the oxygen joins the hydrogen again and then it creates hydrogen energy.
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What are some uses for hydrogen?

It helps process fossil fuels, it can be used to make water, and it can help make ammonia (a ingredient used in common household cleaning products.

Are there products created through the use of hydrogen?

There are some like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and water if you count that, but not that many products contain hydrogen.
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Who uses hydrogen?

NASA uses it for fuel for space shuttles sometimes and the military uses hydrogen-based fuel cells for there vehicles and equipment.

What is the cost benefit of using hydrogen?

The main thing hydrogen saves you money on is on gas. It has 20% to 50% percent better mileage than cars that run on gas. It cost more but since it has better mileage it saves a little more money.
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What is the environment impact?

Hydrogen produces carbon pollution but besides that it doesn't harm the environment.
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What are some advantages of hydrogen?

It produces little pollution, it saves some money on gas, and if we switched to hydrogen we would have to depend less on foreign country's for gas.