Flamingoes all the way

Hello lovely front line gals

WOW, WOW, WOW!! What a month April has been!!!! So many new stylists and so many Dazzlers in the top 25 in UK and Ireland ( see dazzler fb page for updates )

Well today sees the start of a new month and a clean sheet for all of us. May has traditionally been one of MY best months for sales and bookings after November. Easter is over, people are enjoying the long evenings the high street is full of Summer collections that need accessorising. I really feel that one of our greatest selling points is the personal service we give to our customers. We truly can brighten someones day . The trunk show is where the magic happens and boy do we have a lot to offer!!

So who has seen the gorgeous Make it in May Flamingo promotion on the lounge. Oh my! a fabulous exclusive yellow flamingo clutch for 1500 PQV this month and an additional gorgeous carry all tote when you get to 3000PQV. Who doesn’t want that for their summer?

But first things first we need to make sure we have shows in the diary.

Why is this a great time to have a trunk show.....

Summer collection has just launched but not forgetting that all our best sellers are the classics like the Zoe lariat, Sutton, Deco drops, Gitane tassel etc

The evenings are getting longer and it's a great time to socialise

This months TSEO is amazing with so many different items to appeal to so many people

Our hostesses earn free and discounted jewellery for having a few friends over for a fun evening of styling!

Make a plan...

What is your goal for May?

How many trunk shows would you like in your diary?

At the end of May, looking back, what would make your reward yourself for a job well done (this is personal and unique to all of you)

Who are you going to call?

Who have you warmed up?

Who are you going to call that you haven't warmed up?

How many trunk shows would you like to book in this hour?

Get excited...

Stand up

Walk around


Make those calls......

Good luck to you all!!

Dazzler Meet Ups and HOOPLA

This month we have the combined Dazzler meet up in Basingstoke from 10.30- 12.30 at The Hilton on Saturday 2nd may and I will alas be in Bristol on Tuesday evening 5th at 7.30pm. Came and get excited and plan your May

So to date we have at least 65 dazzling dazzlers registered for Hoopla and I will shortly be send out out an email to you all detailing the plans for the Friday night Dazzler team party.

What I can tell you re the agenda is that Friday afternoon sees the unveiling of the Autumn Collection which is so exciting as the US gals won't get to see it until mid July, we are very very privileged and on Saturday morning the dynamo that is Jessica Herrin delivers her keynote speech. Last year she spoke without notes for 90 minutes and no one stirred in their seat, went to the loo or did anything other than hang on her every word, laugh with her and cry with her. It was sensational. If you've not booked yet please tell me you will. You will NOT want to miss it. Big Stylist cocktail party on the saturdays and training from the one and only Danielle, too too good to miss

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New Stylist Training

for those of you who want to join me on Tuesday evening at 7.45pm I will be sharing all things new stylist training and watch out for the training calendar form HO later today. So go get what you want gals, its there for the asking xoxoxoxox