May 13, 2022

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This Newsletter updates on all matters connected to Cohasset Public Schools. This letter is sent as part of a District initiative focusing on communication.
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Student Services Forum on May 18 at 6:00PM

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We are excited for our Student Services Forum at 6:00PM on Wednesday, May 18 in the Cohasset Middle School and Cohasset High School Learning Commons. Come engage in discussion regarding our Student Service Offerings. Among the data from multiple family surveys that will be explored are:

Areas of Strength:

  • Welcoming Schools
  • Schools Value Input
  • Strong Supports
  • Strong Communication

Areas of Growth:

  • Increased clarity around how progress is being monitored and reported on
  • Explanation of testing, IEP process, decisions around service delivery
  • Parent role in development of the IEP

We look forward to this discussion.

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Be Sure to View the Information on the Student Services Web Page

School Transitions in Full Swing

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Cohasset Public Schools values the importance of student transitions between buildings (Entering Kindergarten, From Grade 2 to Grade 3, From Grade 5 to Grade 6, From Grade 8 to Grade 9, from Grade 9 to Grade 10, and from Grade 12 to future plans). Here are some of the transition plans happening throughout the District:

Grade 2 to Grade 3:

The process of preparing your child for 3rd grade includes the following:

DHS visits JOS (June 6): Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Dolan, and Mrs. Costa will visit the second-grade classrooms and introduce themselves.

DHS Meet and Greet (June 7): Mrs. Sullivan will host a meet and greet Zoom for families at 6:00 pm; invitations will be sent out.

Student Questions (Week of June 7): Second-grade students will write letters to Mrs. Sullivan asking third-grade questions during computer class.

JOS Students visit DHS (June 14): Second-grade students will visit Deer Hill with their classroom teacher.

Grade 5 to Grade 6:

The process of preparing your child for 6th grade includes the following:

Student Survey (April 25-April 29): DHS 5th grade students answered survey questions about how they feel about coming to middle school and what stressors they may have about the transition to middle school. Our goal in surveying students is to more accurately gauge their concerns as well as to impress upon them our regard for their well-being and student voice.

CMS Visit to DHS (May 4): CMS Principal Mills and School Counselor Mrs. Pearce visited 5th grade classes to introduce students to life at CMS and answer their questions.

CMS Visit to DHS--Choosing Classes (May 11): CMS Music and World Language teachers presented to 5th grade students in person and via Zoom to discuss choosing 6th grade classes.

CMS Welcome Presentation for Parents: (May 11) CMS administration and counseling met with parents via Zoom to share what they and their children can expect in sixth grade. The meeting will be 6PM-7PM and is accessible by using this link: CMS Welcome Presentation for Parents

Course Requesting on Aspen (May 11 - May 18) Students and parents will confirm their courses for 6th grade as well as select their choice of Music, Creativity, and World Language classes on Aspen.

Grade 5 Step Up Day (June 17): Grade 5 students will visit CMS during the day to tour the school and meet their teachers and current 6th graders.

Orientation Day (August TBA) The Orientation Day re-introduces students with the school and teachers. The goal is to answer all lingering questions and prepare students to confidently begin this exciting next stage in their academic career.

Grade 8 to Grade 9:

Conversations with 8th Graders and Parents: Conversations began with 8th graders and their parents in March.

8th Grade Curriculum Night: We hosted an 8th grade curriculum night for parents on 3/22 followed by a series of 8th grade workshops which introduced them to the schedule and helped them pick courses.

Tour of High School: In June we will bring them in for a tour of the building and an athletics assembly regarding fall sports, and will host an orientation in August.

Principal Mills and Guidance Counselor Pearce meet with 5th grade students

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CMS Gr 8 students meet with Mrs. Struzziery and the CHS guidance staff

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Safe Harbor's Cohasset Youth Ambassadors will spotlight the hidden struggles many people face with the group's first "Cohasset Minds Matter: A Community Wide Day for Mental Health Awareness." The free event, aimed to destigmatize mental health issues, will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 21, on the Cohasset Town Common.

Images of the Week

"Thank you to the Dohertys for sharing their knowledge of beekeeping with Ms. Johnston’s 5th grade." - from Deer Hill School Twitter @Deerhillschool

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All Deer Hill students enjoyed an engaging Techsploration assembly today which focused on science principles behind weather phenomenon. 5th graders then took a deeper dive into concepts of force and motion with hands on workshops. Thank you, PSO!

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So proud of our Superintendent-Student Advisory Committee (SSAC) who were recognized at Wednesday evening’s Cohasset School Committe Meeting.

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We learned a lot about coding from Dean, Katherine, and Alex during Wednesday evening's School Committee Meeting. Thank you Ms. Radden and Mr. Sasso for a wonderful Spotlight on Student Learning

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Thank you for your service to the Cohasset school community, School Committee Vice Chair, Ashley Colleary!

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"Impromptu senior breakfast on college shirt day. This is an impressive crew. " - Principal Brian Scott from @CHSPrincipal Twitter

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"A big thank you to Cohasset Legion Post #118, Chris Pratt and Rich Hynes and our little Patriots! For providing our new beautiful high school flags. We appreciate your time and dedication." - From CHS Assistant Principal Noyes @TaraNoyes2

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WBZ Weather Day at Gillette for 7th Grade

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CMS on the "Big Screen" at Gillette Stadium

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"Thank you to independent study students Georgia and Evelyn for helping manage the garden and to Mr. Buckley’s Environmental Scientists for organizing this strawberry and mint bed. Next on the to-do list: tomatoes!" From Cohasset Science Twitter @CohassetScience

"Grade 9 Period 5 Wellness Class using the Pilot Program Cleartouch mobile interactive white board to complete @PLT4M Intro to Pilates and Flexibility workouts to begin their day with fitness." - Mr. Ford @rforfo1 Twitter

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Thank you to everyone who helped provide and set up the Class of 2022 Portraits in the town common. This new tradition is a wonderful tribute to our graduating students!

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All School Picture...CMS...WE LOVE CMS!

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Cohasset High School Recognized by US News & World Report

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Cohasset High School was recently recognized as one of the top school in the state and the country by US News & World Report. We are proud of our excellent high school. Please see the list of rankings below.

Deer Hill Spelling Bee Returning!

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Ai3 Presents School Facilities Condition Study

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During the 3/30/2022 Cohasset School Committee Meeting, the architectural firm Ai3 presented their Cohasset Schools Existing Conditions Study. This study, which covers all of our schools, was commissioned by our School Facilities Committee. Some of the major findings of the study are:

Overall Recommendation for Cohasset Middle School and Cohasset High School is for "Comprehensive Renovation and Addition or New Construction as Defined by the Massachusetts School Building Authority and its Core Program"

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We look forward to the next steps concerning this important work in order to maintain and to provide our students, staff, families, and community with the best school facilities possible. Information regarding next steps will be made available in future newsletters and through other formats being discussed by the School Facilities Committee. Thank you to the School Facilities Committee and to Ai3 for their great work. The complete presentation can be found below.

Thank you to the Town of Cohasset for Approving the Below School District Budget for FY23

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Finance and Operations Updates

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Finance and Operations News:

For Employees:

We continue to update our school website. Please visit the Human Resource page located within the Finance and Operations Department. There you will find lots of exciting information for staff including training videos for Aspen, Aesop as well as updated employee forms. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see on the HR page, please email

Transportation News:

For Parents:


Effective for the 2022-2023 school year, Cohasset Public Schools will continue to administer a fee-based transportation program. The application fee applies to students in Grades K-6 who reside less than or equal to 2 miles from their designated school, and all students in Grades 7-12.

Please visit the Cohasset Public Schools website for more information and the register your child for transportation.

FY23 Transportation

ßclick here

Coming soon…..

We have been working with Transfinder, our bus routing software company, implementing a new add on for parents, Stopfinder.

Stopfinder is the all-in-one parent engagement app designed by parents for parents to keep you in the know. Receive bus location and messages, updates, and alerts in real-time. No other parent app provides this much information in real-time to parents and school transportation departments. Think of the peace of mind when parents and guardians know where their child’s bus is and when their student arrives at school or when dropped off at the bus stop.

All this power in the palm of your hand.

The Stopfinder app is secure and protected. But the app requires your local district to be utilizing Transfinder’s Routefinder software. Stopfinder with Routefinder software will provide your district accurate real-time updates of routes and bus substitutions.

More information to follow in the coming weeks.

School Committee Determines That 2022 - 2023 School Year Will Begin After Labor Day For Students...September 6, 2022

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The Cohasset School Committee determined that the 2022 - 2023 School Year will begin after Labor Day for students. Teachers will engage in professional development on the Wednesday and Thursday before Labor Day (with Friday being a day off), and students will return to school on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 (Kindergarten will begin on September 7).

The Cohasset School Committee also decided, by vote, that, moving forward, a pre or post Labor Day school start for students will be determined by how early Labor Day falls within the school year.

“For the 2022-2023 school year, teachers will begin their work year on the Wednesday and Thursday before Labor Day with the Friday before Labor Day as a no school day for students and staff. The first day of school for students for 2022-2023 school year will be September 6th. In subsequent years, if Labor Day falls on September 3rd or earlier, the teachers' work year will start on the Wednesday and Thursday before Labor Day with the Friday before Labor Day as a no school day for students and staff and the first day of school for students taking place on the Tuesday following Labor Day. If Labor Day falls on September 4th or later, the teachers' work year will start on the Monday and Tuesday before Labor Day with the first two days of school for students taking place on Wednesday and Thursday before Labor Day and the Friday before Labor Day as a no school day for students and staff. Teachers work year will terminate no later than June 30. Input from the Association will be considered in developing the School Calendar.”

Please see full 2022 - 2023 School Year Calendar which was approved at the April 13 School Committee Meeting for vote and approval. Thank you to everyone who engaged in the important discussion during the school committee meeting.

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Cohasset Community Health Update

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Community Health Information:

As of May 12, 2022, the Department of Public Health (DPH) reports that the town of Cohasset’s positive COVID-19 test rate over the past 14 days is 10.08% with 387 tests reported. The town of Cohasset has 39 positive cases reported over the past two weeks. Currently, 95% of eligible Cohasset residents are fully vaccinated with 13% of eligible residents partially vaccinated. Here is the complete report issued on May 12, 2022.

Here is the Confirmed Positive COVID Cases Weekly Update Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is also found on the district website under COVID-19 Information.

Vaccination Attestation:

Please remember that as your child becomes fully vaccinated to please contact your child’s school nurse.

Proof of your child’s vaccination, submitted to your child’s school nurse, can be provided in one of the following ways:

  • A signed self-attestation completed by a parent / legal guardian of the child indicating the brand of vaccine; or
  • Documentation provided to the individual by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health or a health care provider. Documentation may include but is not limited to a COVID-19 vaccination record card or a copy or digital picture of the vaccination record card, or a print-out from the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS).

Thank you for your understanding and for your assistance.

PLEASE NOTE: We have now officially transitioned our practices from Test and Stay to At Home Testing. In conjunction with DESE requirements for being a part of the At Home Testing Program, we are no longer contact tracing within the schools.

Symptomatic Testing: The same consent previously signed for Test and Stay covers Symptomatic Testing, which will be able to be implemented by our nursing staff, now that we are implementing At Home Testing.

Parents and guardians who wish to have their children participate in the Cohasset School District Covid-19 testing, thus being eligible for Symptomatic Testing, must click on the link provided (if you did not do so previously for test and stay) and complete the consent forms.

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METCO Student Discussion Round-Table

We hosted a METCO student (and former student) round-table discussion at the April 13 Cohasset School Committee, as our Student Spotlight on Learning. This discussion allowed the community to hear the perspectives of current and former Cohasset METCO students. The event was moderated by Cohasset METCO Director Aleisa Gittens-Carle. We invite you to view the discussion here.
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Cohasset Public Schools Vision of Equity

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CPS Equity Vision Statement

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Please visit our website for resources regarding the promotion of diversity.

We will continue to engage students and staff in the meaningful discussions necessary to promote change. We are committed to promoting anti-racism and cultural responsive teaching and learning.

Cohasset Public Schools is a proud METCO District. Please see the METCO Web-page for additional diversity resources.

Technology and Digital Learning

A volunteer group of Middle and High School teachers attended a hybrid training to introduce them to the Cleartouch Interactive Panel. The Cleartouch trainers appeared virtually through our PolyStudio AI video conferencing system, while a trainer from CCS New England was on site with us in the Learning Commons. Teachers were given hands-on practice time on the two new Cleartouch Interactive Panels that were purchased thanks to Capital funding this year. The training was the second of two that have taken place as part of a pilot program in the district where teachers and students are asked to try out different types of interactive panels in their classrooms and provide feedback. In February, the same group of teachers learned how to use Viewsonic Interactive Panels, which is a slightly different interface. The teachers signed up for 2 week intervals each of trying out the panels in their classrooms. Below are some highlights from the pilot program so far in photos.

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Mr. Ford runs a PearDeck lesson on the ViewSonic Interactive Panel to engage students in a discussion about bullying. He then wheeled it down to the courts to play and analyze tennis skill videos with the tennis team!

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2021 - 2022 Cohasset Public Schools Calendar

Cohasset PSO Happenings

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Cohasset Public Schools' Strategic Plan for 2021- 2024

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2021 - 2022 School Improvement Plans

Sports Information

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"Senior Day for Cohasset/Hull Track & Field! The boys and girls both secure wins over Mashpee. Special THANK YOU to our seniors and families!" - Athletic Director Rotondi and @CohassetSports Twitter

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Photos from Cohasset vs. Carver Baseball (Patriot Ledger)

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RISE Program

CPS is pleased to continue its partnership with the Cohasset Recreation Department by providing before and after school care for our elementary students. We have an amazing staff that provides wonderful opportunities for our students through the RISE program. Please see this link for more information.
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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: Assistant Superintendent Leslie Scollins, Ed.D.


MCAS in ELA, Math, and Science take place from March through June. Grade 10 students completed the ELA portion of MCAS at the end of March. Students in grades 3-8 are participating in the ELA portion of MCAS during the month of April. During the month of May, grades 5 and 8 will participate in the Science portion of MCAS, and students in grades 3 through 8 and 10 will participate in Math MCAS. Grade 9 students will participate in Physics MCAS in June. Principals will continue to send out specific information related to the assessment.

The Student Opportunity Act

The Student Opportunity Act (SOA) implements the recommendations of the 2015 Foundation Budget Review Commission and includes other provisions to benefit our public schools.

As part of the SOA, districts are required to submit three-year, evidence-based plans aimed at closing persistent disparities in achievement among student subgroups. The District submitted the SOA Plan in January 2021 and then sent the amended plan in March 2022. Please see the presentation below.

Student Opportunity Act Presentation March 2022

Office of Student Services

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We are excited for our Student Services Forum at 6:00PM on Wednesday, May 18 in the Cohasset Middle School and Cohasset High School Learning Commons. Come engage in discussion regarding our Student Service Offerings.

Be Sure to View the Information on the Student Services Web Page

Child Find Public Notice

Multi Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Information

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A Message from our Director of Student Services, Barbara Cerwonka

To Parents/Guardians of Cohasset Public Schools :

The Cohasset Public Schools believes in providing the highest quality of education for our students. This letter is to provide you with information about a three-tiered instructional approach we use to meet this goal, referred to as Multi Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).

For MTSS, all students will participate in the core curriculum, with three levels (tiers) of interventions for students who demonstrate at-risk skills in general academics or behavior/social emotional areas. Each tier provides additional support beyond the core curriculum. All students receive formal and informal checks to measure their progress to determine if they are performing at an expected level. Behavioral and social emotional impacts are also monitored on a regular basis through the year.

  • Tier One- Teachers will use different strategies as universal supports within the core curriculum to address all student educational needs.

  • Tier Two- Based on progress data, students who require more support than Tier One will be provided targeted interventions matched to their needs within the general classroom by the classroom teacher and/or support staff in the classroom. The Tiered Support Team will track the student’s progress, and parents/guardians will receive ongoing progress data.

  • Tier Three- Students who continue to require measures beyond Tier Two will receive more intensive interventions at this level. Parents/guardians will receive ongoing progress data. After Tier Three implementation, students who continue to display limited progress may then be considered for further evaluation and services.

Our schools are excited to take part in this process to improve educational outcomes for all students. As always, do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or myself if you have questions or concerns.


Barbara Cerwonka, Director of Student Services

Office of Student Services

143 Pond Street, Cohasset, MA 02025-1999

Telephone 781-383-6104

Please see the Basic Rights in Special Education Presentation by Director of Student Services Barbara Cerwonka below


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Most Recent Safe Harbors Newsletter

Don't miss out! Tonight-Ground Level Cafe, May 21st Cohasset Minds Matter and more found here.

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The Important Role Families Play In Stopping the Spread of COVID-19

Families play an important role in helping to create a culture that prioritizes health and safety. Families should check their children daily for signs of COVID-19 and should keep them home from school if they are not feeling well or if they have been in close contact with a person who has been recently diagnosed with COVID-19. It is also important that families support students wearing masks in school and on the bus. We are strongest when we work together to stop the spread (Initial Fall School Re-entry Guidance, 2020).

CPS Pledge: Healthy and Responsible Behaviors Regarding COVID-19

By coming into Cohasset Public Schools, I pledge I am following:

  • State expectations for social and physical distancing

  • Regulations regarding the wearing of facial coverings

  • Quarantine directives put forth by the Massachusetts Department of Health and the Cohasset Department of Health

  • Guidance that has students and staff stay home from school / work if they are experiencing symptoms of fever, fatigue, difficulty breathing, or dry cough or if they have exhibited any symptoms relating to COVID-19

There are many stressors to our day-to-day lives; however, there are many resources available. The District Website has a page dedicated to Social Emotional Learning and Wellness. Please remember that our schools are a resource, and that our counselors, school psychologists, and social workers can support you and your child.

Thank you to all of our counselors for their caring and selfless work throughout the District!

Osgood: Dave Vinton (adjistment counselor)

Deer Hill: Robyn Costa

Deer Hill and Osgood: Laurie Dolan (adjustment counselor)

Robyn Costa (adjustment counselor)

Alyson Doyle (school psychologist, Osgood and Deer Hill)

CMS: Emily Manewal

Allison Pearce

CHS: Laura Struzziery (lead counselor)

Leanne McCarthy (high school adjustment counselor)

Kevin McGowan (high school counselor)

Allison Battista (high school counselor)

Catlin Stromberg (school psychologist)

Robert Collins (middle and high school social worker)

Stephanie Gertz (ESP: BRYT Program...Middle and High School)

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Happy Mother's Day!

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Take Care of Yourself and Take Care of Each Other

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Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if we can do anything to help your student or your family during this difficult time. Most important is the physical and mental health of everyone, and we will stay focused on making that a priority. Please take good care.

Please click on the following link to access even more information on the Cohasset Public Schools Web Site.

Please follow me on Twitter for daily updates from the Cohasset Public Schools

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