Third Grade News

Mrs. Behm, Mrs. Komar, and Mrs. Pilo

April 18, 2019


During the Language Workshop unit, all three of the 3rd grade classes discussed some very powerful issues. Those issues included homelessness, bullying, segregation, friendship, and job loss. We talked to the students that these aren’t just issues that happen in books, but issues that can happen anywhere. We feel the students learned a lot from these excellent discussions.

Language Workshop:

In Language Workshop, we have read and unpacked the final book of our Power Unit, Bird Child by Nan Forler. These books have collectively encouraged and nudged us to become aware of the multiple perspectives that exist around social issues. The themes that unfolded throughout the unit were acceptance, kindness, friendship, hope and selflessness. Our deep conversations have lead us to think critically and to explore possibilities of lessons learned.

What is Power?

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Reading Workshop: In Reader’s Workshop, we engaged in small language discussion groups around books that challenged us to identify social issues presented in the text and to think critically around the concepts that unfolded. We gathered to discuss our wonderings, new learnings and confusions to make sense of the events and to grow a deeper understanding of the books we were reading. We are looking forward to begin our next unit around discovery.

Writing Workshop:

In Writing Workshop, we have just finished a unit on opinion/persuasive writing. The students did an excellent job writing persuasive pieces that they feel were extremely important to them. We will next go into a unit on writing opinions and editorials.


In math we finished our Muffles Truffles unit and students are realizing that we were really working on area too when we solved the arrays. As we dig deeper into area, students are making connections to some real world examples to help them better understand. For more information about strategies and ideas, remember to check out the Grade 3 Unit 6 Parent Letter.

Area: the space inside of a shape, Area = length x width or A = l x w

Examples: tiling or carpeting the floor

square footage in a floor plan

space in a pool, deck, or patio

painting walls

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In science we started a new unit called Weather and Climate. We have been learning examples of typical & severe weather and the difference between these two. In addition, we have been learning about meteorologists and the tools they use to understand the weather. Encourage your son our daughter to start watching the weather forecast on TV this trimester.

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Social Studies:

We have just finished our unit on Waukesha history. The students had a great time learning about the history of Waukesha and the interesting events that happened so long ago. Please feel free to ask your child to tell you a fact about the history of Waukesha. I’m sure they will come up with some interesting facts!


Thank you families for supporting your child each day throughout the three weeks they took on the FORWARD tests. They came to school prepared and ready to do their best. We appreciate all you do to make Rose Glen a wonderful place to learn and grow.

Have a wonderful Easter Holiday with friends and family!

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