4C News

Friday, May 10th, 2019


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We have officially begun our Bridge Project. Mrs. Coleates is working with us on this special project. On Monday, we started with the kids working in groups of three to build paper bridges. They made several conclusions on how to strengthen the paper to hold more weight. Company names have been decided on and plans are in the works! Please be sure to ask your child about his/her company's design and plan. The Companies are also responsible for keeping a balance sheet and submitting orders for materials. Kids should plan on breaking ground on Monday! In addition to working on the bridges, kids will be taking the placement tests during the upcoming week.

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ Next week we will test for module 5. It looks like the test will be on Wednesday, May 15th. Students will be sharing a review packet with you early next week.

We then have some year end assessments to complete for math placement and iReady. Following that we will begin module 6 which is our decimal module. That will introduce the class to decimal place value, comparing decimals, adding and subtracting decimals, and fraction/decimal equivalents. We will be working with decimals to the hundredths place.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ With the state assessment behind us we have returned to our module on fractions. This week we have continued to work on adding fractions, but the big difference in these lessons is that the denominators were not the same, but were similar, so the kids had to find an equivalent fraction before they could add the fractions. Next week the kids will be taking our spring benchmark assessments and the fifth grade math placement test. Not all of my students will take the assessment, those that go for additional math help will not be asked to complete the assessment. These assessments are one measure that is used for placement into the enriched math class in fifth grade.

Erie Canal Trip

On Tuesday, June 11th, our class will be traveling to Palmyra to learn more about the Erie Canal. The buses will arrive at Aqueduct Park (555 West Main St., Palmyra) around 9:30. We'll unload the buses and watch how the lock works. The guide will then lead us through a path. It's about a 2 mile walk, so kids should be prepared with sneakers. The path will take us all the way to Market Street. While we are there, the kids will eat lunch at the pavilion and tour the Market Street museums.

We'll load buses between 1:15 and 1:30 to head back to school. This is where things get a little tricky for our parent chaperones. They will have three options.....they can walk back to their vehicles at Aqueduct Park, communicate with another parent who is going and drop one vehicle off at Market Street before beginning the trip at Aqueduct Park, or Bonnie Hayes, the director of the museums, will give rides back to the park.

I wanted you to have all the details before you decide if you'd like to join us. Permission slips are in Friday Folders!

The things I loved this week.......

  • students bringing simple machine vocabulary into our small group book discussions
  • kids begging to know what the next read aloud would be when we finished Matilda
  • kids helping other kids clean and organize desks
  • hearing "thank you"
  • kids just taking care of other kids
  • kids wondering about the characters in Holes, our new read aloud. It's just what good readers do!


It's going to be a busy week! Instruments need to come to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the upcoming week!


Students have two opportunities.......

  • The final book orders for the year are in Friday Folders. All orders are due by Friday, May 24th.
  • Our library is hosting a book swap for kids in grades 3-5. Please see the flyer in your child's Friday Folder. All donations are due by Friday, May 24th.

Spirit Week

Next week is Champion Spirit Week! Flyers have been stuffed in Friday Folders.

Monday - Dress as your favorite Champion, Hero, or Idol

Tuesday - Dress for a Champion Hawaiian Summer Day

Wednesday - Wear a Crown Day

Thursday - Compliments Day

Friday - Wear Cherry & Gray