Global Consumption and Environment

How does Global Consumption and the Environment connect

What is consumption?

Consumption is the act of consuming goods, food, or any material substance. Consumption can be when you consume, like when you by clothes. Consumption can also be when something consumes, like when a cow eats grass or a car uses gas. Consumption can be bad when we start consuming too much of one thing, like plastic or when we consume something that is not good for us or the environment, like when we consume Fossil fuels and it causes polution.

What is the Environment?

The environment is any place where living organisms survive. Anything from plants to people have an environment.

Here are some places where the environment and the bi-product of consumption clash.

Here's how you can help

For most types of pollution recycling helps! Most 1st world countries have started a nation wide recycling program. As for air pollution, driving cars less is what most people can do the easiest. So instead of driving maybe ride bikes or carpool more often.