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Reflections from MLC HS Students

A few weeks ago, the MLC high school team polled students and asked them to name positive traits about our school. See the word cloud below that shows their responses. The bigger the word, the more often that was a response from students. Thank you to the whole MLC Community for their role in the students' experience, including students, staff, and families.
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Congratulations on Great 1st Quarter!

Below is one of the slides the MLC HS Team included for the MLC HS All Metro-Metro this week. Students were recognized for academic excellence and leadership/citizenship traits. Congratulations!
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The First Thanksgiving

Please see the link below to an article from Smithsonian Magazine featuring a researcher's findings about the history of the first Thanksgiving. It includes details that aren't part of the traditional Thanksgiving story. It's likely there's information in the article that will be new to you.

Native American Heritage Month, Tribal History/Shared History

November is Native American Heritage Month across the United States. A school-based, ongoing initiative is Oregon's Tribal History/Shared History, which resulted from Senate Bill 13 in 2017. Please see link below for more information.

Can You Locate the Nine Federally Recognized Tribes in Oregon? (activity requires Google account; on computer, should work fine; will need to have Jamboard app installed on smartphone)

1. Click on the link below (need to be logged into Google, personal or PPS)

2. Click on Make a Copy

3. A map of Oregon with the logos of the nine tribes lined up on the sides will open. You can drag the logos around on the map. Every place there's an upside down triangle on the map is the location of a tribe.

4. See if you can figure out all of the tribes' locations. If you look in the Tribal History/Shared History information on the ODE website, you can find a completed map.

Support/Affinity Groups for African-American and Indigenous Youth

Please see links below for support/affinity groups for African-American and Indigenous Youth.

Black Youth Crisis Recovery Group

PPS Native HS Student Group

PPS Native MS Student Group

No School Next Week

Please remember there is no school next week because of conferences and the holiday.

Link to new MLC informational flyer

MLC Yearbook: Please see updates below from Melanie

Yearbook Announcements

  • Yearbook Photos Please:

    • Every couple of weeks, we will be putting out an ask for the community to please email photos to Melanie at Please include your student’s name and grade in the photos that you send. This week we are asking you to please send photos of:

      • Fall-O-Breations please. This can be any celebrations or traditions that you and your family do in the fall.

      • Back to School/School Set Up During Distance Learning: We all know school is looking different this year, so if you have first day of school photos, or photos of your student at work that you’re comfortable sharing, please do!

Library Announcements

From your Library team, Tini & Tim

You'll be notified when materials pick-up can resume. Don't let that discourage you! We were just updating information for you to get e-books and audiobooks from PPS using Sora, the school version of Overdrive.

Explore the new info about Sora on our website. Find the light blue Sora icon with the "flying robot" like the one you see below. If you’d like instructions, open the links for tutorial video or slideshow. It really is easy and fun!

Resources for Families

PTSA-sponsored Fred Meyer Gift Cards

Do you need assistance with groceries, clothing, or other needs? Please reach out to Jeannette (School Counselor), Kelly (School Counselor), or Clement (School Social Worker) to request a $100 Fred Meyer card from the PTSA. Cards will be mailed to you confidentially.

Jeanette Scantling, Counselor

T Kelly Polychronis, Counselor

Clement Wilson, MSW, LSSW, (503) 568-2570

Friendly House also offers wraparound services for folks who are experiencing COVID-19 or are quarantining due to exposure. For those that qualify we can help with rent, food, utilities, childcare, etc.... Email: or call (503) 228-4391

Here is a list of organizations and their target demographics that are providing COVID Relief rent assistance and household assistance gift cards.

  • CVRRP = Rent Program, CVHAP = Gift Cards
  • For the rent assistance, you just need to do a phone intake and let them know you’ve been affected by COVID and how, make less than 80% of the median income, and be a Multnomah County resident. They will need a lease agreement and then they will talk to your landlord to confirm payment details. Each household is eligible for up to $6000. For rent between Mar 2020 through Jan 2021.
  • The gift cards are for Portland residents and it’s just doing a call with someone to verify contact info, Covid impact, and that you make less than 80% median income.
  • They are not asking for ID or any other documentation.

From the Building

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Materials: Links to Request Forms

MLC Office Request Form

Please submit a request in this form if you need something from the MLC Office staff.

PPS Password Resets

If you need to reset your child's PPS password, please fill out form at link below.

Technology Request Form

If you need to borrow technology from PPS, please click on link below:

Contact Info

Mark Van Hoomissen
School phone: 503-916-5737
Cell phone: 503-577-7126