Mining engineers

Are part of the earth because they need to know the earth

Helpful classes

Some helpful high school classes that would be helpful are Calculus, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Technical Writing, and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra. I would also need a bachelors degree.

I would do this as a job because most of its outside

Because I would have too sit in a office and I would rather have to travel or move and that would mean leaving family and friends. But I would also be outside

Abington university

I picked penn state Abington because almost 60 percent of the top class gets in. Also because its in a Rural area and its a university. It is also a 4 year college and the student to staff ratio is 20:1.

Average test scores

2.98 GPA


In the field and in the office

About half the time I would be in the office and the other half I would be in the field

Where is this job

This job would be hard to find in WI because its not common. But it is common in other states

I would enjoy this job

Over all i think this would be a good job for m. Because i enjoy working outside and collaborating with other people for safe designs for mines