2nd Grade's Walking Field Trip

to the Haddon Township Municipal Building

Everyone in 2R is excited to visit the Haddon Township Municipal Building on Thursday, November 13th. We will leave the building at 8:45 and be gone all morning, but will be back in time for lunch. While we are gone, the students will be learning about our town's public works, green program and government. They will also go on a tour of the Municipal Building. As a culminating experience, the students will meet Mayor Teague and have an opportunity to ask him questions.

The forecast promises to be mostly sunny and very chilly with a high of 48 degrees. Please be sure your child dresses warmly and is prepared to walk. Since we will be back for a regular afternoon, the students students should bring their regular backpack, homework folder and Agenda to school.

The parents joining the Second Graders will be: Mr. Weber, and

Mrs. Strauss. Thank you for joining us on our trip.