Degan Elementary Eagle Eye

May 16-20

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Avengers: Age of Degan--No Excuses!

Thank you for all of your hard work to create a great testing environment for our students. I appreciate the schedule changes, the room changes, the filling in where ever needed. You are an amazing team!

I was thrilled to see the hard work of our students demonstrated by their actions and intense faces during testing, but also the confidence in their voices as they proclaimed "it wasn't that bad." It is exciting to see our students conclude testing days and not see them look as if they have been run over by a caravan of mac trucks. It means that they are feeling they can hold their own with the assessment and that means what you are doing is working!

Thank you for the wonderful surprises on Friday. As I said before, I struggle to feel worthy of the honor, but when people say, "you have a pretty amazing school!" my answer is always without hesitation, "ABSOLUTELY! Best staff, best students, best job, EVER!"

These last three weeks will move quickly and the end will be here before we know it. I hope that you will take some time just to soak up your students and enjoy them! We are still teaching every day, as our message to students should be clear, we can always learn and grow and school IS NOT about STAAR.

Thank you again for all you do. There is no one better.


Tweet for Your Feet! Week 5

It's that time of year that you may want to bust out the flip flops. You can make it happen with two tweets that promote great things at Degan. Two tweets by Wednesday make you eligible to wear flip flops on Thursday and Friday with your college shirts and Degan spirit wear! So go ahead! Tweet for your feet!

A few good articles worth reading this week...

Week at a Glance

May 16th- Writing Initiative Day-Make sure to bring your writing samples and the students portfolio sheet you received this year with last year's scores as well as your completed monthly writing sheet during your conference.

May 17th- Class placements during conference

Zoe's Fundraiser

May 18th- Vanessa @Learning Leaders 8-3pm

Staff Meeting (please read the article on Trauma above prior to Staff Meeting)

May 19th-Think College Thursday

Lewisville Fire Department K-3

5th grade to Huffines

Volunteer Luncheon during Lunch Periods

PTA Meeting and 4th Grade Program

May 20th-Field Day

SOAR invitations go home (Grades are not due, but hopefully you can determine who will meet eligibility for most at this time.)

On Deck:

Talent Show Dress Rehearsal

Senior Breakfast
Staff Meeting

Final SOAR Ceremony

Awards Ceremonies

5th Grade Memories Program

Final Day of School

Teacher Work Day

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college. When schools exhibit a culture of universal achievement by believing in students, they collaborate around that belief. During collaboration, they align their standards as a team. As teams align standards, they need to assess the standards and manage the data. Then, and only then, can they pursue meaningful interventions with their students.