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News from October 26th - October 30th


Edited by Holly Yazdi and Joseph Sandefur

Written by Jamie Folds, Jaden Hancin, Will Kell, Jada McCollum, Skyilar Mitchell, Joseph Sandefur, Meadow Stowell, Kate Walden, and Holly Yazdi

A message from our Superintendent

Message from the Superintendent – Oct. 23, 2015


BooGrams have just shipped in! Fleurettes are making cute tags and wrapping ribbon around it. These gourmet lollipops with festive tags will be handed out in homeroom on the 30th!

CLASSROOM NEWS (not all classes listed)


Duke and Holt- Project: Branches of government. Students need poster board by Wednesday.

Nettles- Reading 7th grade. Test Wednesday

Lindsey- Testing on Skeletal Muscular System Thursday

Smith- Regular: Test Tuesday Advanced: Test Wednesday


Duke/Holt- Project: Branches of government. Students need poster board by Wednesday.

Kinard- Quiz on Chapter 22 organ systems on Friday. Check Moodle for Key words


Law - Start Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

White - Start chapter 6 Newton's Laws of Motion


Benefield - In the lab about friction and force.

Madison Ap - Filling dialectical soumal

Regular - Reading Hunger Games


Big shout out to our officers for coming in! And of course we can't forget the dog, Aaron. Aaron is a Belgian Malinois who was bought by our officers using the donation they have received from Pennies for Puppies .
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Now Watch me Whip!

Hamilton showing off his moves to all of us!
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21st Century Skills Teacher at Daphne Middle School

What else would you like to see with the stakeholders?

Mrs. Pearson said she would like to have some sort of list of list of stakeholders who would be interested in sharing their expertise with the students.

If you weren't a teacher what would you want to be?

She said she would want to be a vet if she wasn't a teacher.

If you could go anywhere on summer break where would it be? Why?

Mrs. Pearson said she would want to go to London. She said she loves the British culture and she said she'd always wanted to travel to London.

Where did you go to college? What degrees do you have?

She graduated from Minnesota-Duluth with a Bachelor's degree. She also got a Master's degree from South Alabama.

How old were you when you decided to be a teacher?

Mrs. Pearson decided to be a teacher at the age of 19.


Career Tech (Schneider): Students will start Shark Tank presentations.

Art (Bittinger): Starting Unit on Africa. Students will create tribal masks using drape mold and plaster gauze, and decorate it with acrylics and 3D materials for their first project.

21st Century Skills (Pearson): Students will create iBooks using iBooks Author. Four blogs and 8 comments are due.

Band (Thomas): Students will play at the championship game. Test on MST measures 1-8. 8TH: Veterans Day & Christmas Music.

7TH: Christmas Music.

FACS (K. Taylor): Continue cooking.

Choir (Trawick): Students will work on choreography for Ragtime Musical.

Peer Helpers (Blake): Working on Red Ribbon Week signs. For more info on Red Ribbon Week, see below.

Tech night! This Monday @ 6 in the Library

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Red Ribbon Week!

This week is Red Ribbon Week! Our Red Ribbon Week leader is Kaley Jones! Congratulations! Spirit week attire is listed down below.

NJHS meeting

Attention all NJHS members. We have a meeting on October 29 @ 7:20. Please attend


Fleurettes: The Fleurettes are selling BOO grams at break and are getting ready for their November fundraiser for Prodisee Pantry.

TSA: October 26th is the Parent evening tech night hosted by TSA.

NJHS: Stating to collect toys for tots November 4. Next meeting this Thursday the 29th

FCCLA: There will be a meeting on October 30th, until 4:30. They will be making blankets for the severely ill children at local hospitals.

YOGA: Practice Wednesday until 4:30

Fleurette Officers

President: Lillie Yazdi

Vice President: Bree Kendrick

Secretary: Holly Yazdi

Treasurer: Madelyn Byrne

Historian: Jocelyn Wright

Reporter: Mya Jo Williams

TSA Officers

President: Anna Claire Nolfe
Vice President: Bree Kendrick
Secretary: Lillie Yazdi
Treasurer: Sydney Wyre
Sergeant At Arms: Joseph Marshall
Reporter: Jada McCollum

Spirit week attire

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Out of the Darkness Walk

The Out of the Darkness Walk went so great! Many students and parents were their. It was a success!


The Fleurettes will be selling Boograms now through the 29th for $1.00. Visit the cafeteria during your break to buy one for your friends, yourself, or your boo-thang. They will be delivered in homeroom on the 30th.


The Library is collecting boxtops for Education to purchase new books. Bring as many as you can so we can buy more books!


October 26- Parent evening tech night hosted by TSA

October 26-30- Spirit week

October 28- Championship Game

October 29- NJHS meeting

October 30- Fieldtrip for 8th grade

First priority every Wednesday at 7:20 AM

Art of the Week

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Lauren Brown

SEEDS T-Shirt design
Movie on 10 19 15 at 1 13 PM #2


More than Just a Title

This week the Trojans will be playing against Foley in the County Championship. This is a huge deal for Daphne because Daphne Middle School has never won a County Championship EVER. Last year the 2014 team played Fairhope in the Championship and lost after a great season, so if Daphne wins this year it will be redemption for the team last year. Everyone on the team has worked so hard for their undefeated season and losing will be the worst way to end their perfect season. Foley is a great team and they were undefeated before they played Daphne, so this should be a good matchup and a great game. Everyone be sure to come and support your Trojans!!!!!!!!

Swim Schedule

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Football Schedule

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Way to go Daphne Middle School Trojans! We are undefeated. 6-0! Who can't wait for the Championship Game coming up? I know I can't wait!