A PROUD Picture

Things happening January 19-23, 2015

"Progress always involves risk; you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first." — Frederick Wilcox

I pause to reflect...

In my desire for all of us to always improve, I found myself being very reflective this week. As I scanned my mind about all of the things we do, I had to fight my pride and appreciation greatly! We are good! We have many things to be proud of! I see teachers working long hours and worrying about so many of our students. I see some who problem-solve so to make our lives easier and more efficient...just to name a few. Thank you!!

While reflecting, I did a quick look at lesson plans. I was looking for quality guided reading lessons, use of our literacy library books and/or other leveled readers and the Comprehension Toolkit. I didn't see as much as I hoped but that doesn't mean it isn't happening. Remember this is an expectation so keep up the great work or try to become better. If you don't remember my expectations that I shared with you, please refresh your memory. I gave you a hard copy. I will be looking for these soon with the expectation to see them, whether in lesson plans or in person. If you have a problem or question about anything, please ask me!!!

Bye Claudia! We'll miss her greatly!!!!!

This coming Friday is Claudia's last day with us. She will beginning an internship in the medical field, so she must leave us. Claudia has exemplified true excellence and a huge heart for all us - young and old. We would like to send her off by showing our appreciation and how much we'll miss her. We will be giving her a gift card at our luncheon next Friday. If you would like to contribute, please give your money to Anne by Thursday. She's a HUGE hole to fill!

What's happening this week?

19 - HOLIDAY!!

20 -

21 - Anne out

22 - Leadership Council @ 3:20

23 - Proud Crowd with Dr. Reid

Early release @ 12:00

K parents supply lunch for us!

Teacher workday in afternoon (grades)

Claudia's last day! :-(

Guess what?..and reminders!

  • January 30th we will have a building full of C & I people doing walk-throughs first thing in the morning - no jeans that day!
  • ELM (PBL) is open to you! If you are interested in learning about it, come see Anne

Eagle Bucks to....

LeeAnn for a GREAT family art night!

Kristy for receiving a grant for our students!

All of you who shared with me - positively and constructively!

Natalie and Julie for trying ELM!

Julie and Danielle for organizing and running the Spelling Bee

iStation for K-2 At-Risk students!!

Successmaker will no longer be funded or available as a district intervention for “At-Risk” students in Keller ISD. We are replacing Successmaker with Istation for “At-Risk” students in grades K-2 in reading. Istation is available for all students in grades 3rd-8th through the Texas Success Initiative. Students in these grade levels do not have to be considered “At-Risk” in order to use the program.

K-2 teachers should expect an email from Istation that will contain their username and password within the next week.

Happy JANUARY Birthday!!

6 - Susan

17 - Kimberly T

18 - Michelle

18 - Anne

29 - Cynthia - (cafe)

30 - Lauri A

31 - Karen