Everyday hero

By Patricia Gascón Díaz- Santos

-The history of Alison Lapper

Alison Lapper in an everyday hero because she was born without arms and shorther legs than normal, she has a hard life, but despite everything she went ahead. She began painting at age three, she painted with her mouth and giving small movemets with her head. Her paintings were very popular. After she had a baby called Parys and she looked after her alone because her husband abandoned her. For Parys she was an example of overcoming and he loved his mum.

- Work of Alison Lapper

Alison Lapper works as a painter. A typical working day for a painter means starting work at the age of nineteen. Sshe works in her house and she displays her paintings in differents parts.
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- Skins of a painter

At work, Alison Lapper has to paint and exhibit her paintings. To be a painter you need these skills: Know how to paint well, have imagination, you like to paint and you enjoy it, have experience...
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- Personal opinion

I would like to be a painter because it is a way to express your feelings and use the imagination. But in the future I will not be a painter. I think that Alison Lapper is a really everyday hero.
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