1.Life as a Vassal

I shall live and protect my lord.


A vassal is a knight and sometimes a man that served the king with money and other resoures besides protection.


A man that protected the kingdom and fought in battles.They also devoted their lives to their king.

3.What they did

These men were loyal to their king.They also protected the king and his kingdom.The vassals sometimes hired a serf or someone else and gave them land so the worker would protect the vassal.

4.Statement 1

In the early feudal age, when a freeman gave up his title to his land he became the lord's "man" and promised him fealty(loyalty).


4.Statement 2

If he should be made a prisoner;on his departure for a crusade;when his oldest son was knighted; and at the marriage of his oldest daughter.


5. Question 1

What happens if when a freeman gives up his land?
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5. Question 2

What will happen if the vassal is made a prisoner?
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This reminds me of fairy tales of kings, knights,princes,princess, and the rest of the peoples in the villages.


Taylor Henderson 3rd period Keller