Samoa Islands And Tonga Tsunami

Information on the tsunami in Samoa 2009

How Tsunami's Form.

Tsunamis form from underwater earthquakes when a fault line underwater shift which push the water underwater and make waves up to 500 mph and up to 100ft tall

Here is a link to watch the aftermath of the tsunami This video is made by this youtuber:AlJazeeraEnglish
On September 30th 2009 a 15ft(4.5m0 tsunami hit Samoa islands. Here are the places that got hit from the tsunami:Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, the Cook Islands, and Japan. 77 people dead, 150 poeple injured in the Samoa. 31 people dead, 50 injured, number of people missing in American samoa. 9 dead, 4 injured in Tonga. None dead or missing or injured in Fiji. I got the information from this website