In the Restaurant! - Module 13

April 17, понедельник - Make sure to scroll the page >>>

I know we have at least two students who need to finish course early due to graduation. I have opened the last modules (Module 14 and 15 - Travelling) in this class and Final project.

Those who need to graduate early can work ahead.

You are required to attend conversation sessions until successful submission of Final project. If you have any questions about Final, PLEASE, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to help you.

This is an update I sent to your schools and parents today.

Что делать в понедельник?

  • This week we continue learning about food. We are going to practice ordering food art the restaurant. You also going to learn more about authentic Russian dishes.
  • Оn Monday, start Module 13 In the Restaurant. See the link under Learning Modules.
  • Today, on Monday, work on the Vocabulary. Please remember that it is important to review your vocabulary daily, not only on the day it is assigned.

  • Remember, last week on Friday you had a recording activity. If you have not turned it in, please do so.

Ukrainian food in my house

I love to cook Ukrainian/Russian food. We eat lots of American foods too, mostly healthy kind in my house. I am a paleo healthy freak. I would not call all Russian food healthy. Many Russian dishes are more comfort foods (mayonnaise based salads, lots of white flower baked goods). They are so good though. Some of the Slav dishes that are popular in my house are borshch, soup (chicken or any kind made from scratch), pelmeni (I buy the frozen kind in Russian store - by the way there are three Russian grocery stores in Charlotte), blini (are my son's favorite), and pirozhki - baked buns with sweet filling inside - I do blueberry pie filling. Did I make you hungry?
On the image below you can see pierozhki I cooked with my son last weekend.The recipe for these is a little more complicated I learned it from my grandmother.
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New Vocabulary: Еда (food)

How to study vocabulary?

  • Listen to the recording and repeat after it. Practice this as many times as it takes for you to say words fluently. It should normally take about 5-7 times.
  • Write the words down in your notebooks. I hope you are keeping notebooks for your Russian vocabulary and grammar notes.
  • Create flash cards for your vocabulary with Russian on one side and English on another side.

Use the following screencast to practice new vocabulary from the week 13. Please remember it is important for you to start working on the vocabulary on your own so you know your words when you come to conversation session. Coach will only review them and help you with the pronunciation.

Week 13 Vocabulary Русская Еда Screencast

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I appreciate all of you giving a thoughtful feedback and providing some suggestions. Elyse has asked about some additional resources to listen to Russian language. One of the great resources is to listen to the Russian TV or Radio. Below is the link to Russian TV Rain (Dozhd) - one of the few mass media stations that resists to be controlled by Russian government. I would suggest to look for a news article that you know a little about in English and try listening to it in Russian. Text me if you tried doing that and how it went.

Need to reach your teacher

On the image: Moscow, Russia, near Red Square.

All images in this announcement are taken by instructor.